The Most Dangerous Isle in the Supermarket

January 6, 2008   

While food shopping with my girlfriend today, I was looking to stock up on some nutritious foods for the next couple of weeks. As we surveyed the isles, we picked up various things such as veggies, different beans, green and white teas, nuts, etc… We decided to walk up and down each isle just so we would not forget anything, and we started down one isle that I would call the most dangerous isle in the store. It was the “Breakfast Isle.” Read the rest of this entry »

Why excess abdominal fat is more DEADLY than you think

December 6, 2007


Below is an article contributed by Mike Geary, the founder of I thought this was an important topic to share with you because the reality is that most people simply don’t realize how dangerous their excess abdominal fat really is to their health.

The Hidden Dangers of Your Excess Abdominal Fat – It’s More Serious Than a Vanity Issue! Read the rest of this entry »