The Most Dangerous Isle in the Supermarket   

While food shopping with my girlfriend today, I was looking to stock up on some nutritious foods for the next couple of weeks. As we surveyed the isles, we picked up various things such as veggies, different beans, green and white teas, nuts, etc… We decided to walk up and down each isle just so we would not forget anything, and we started down one isle that I would call the most dangerous isle in the store. It was the “Breakfast Isle.”   On one side of this isle, it was packed with sugar filled cereals, and breakfast items. Probably 90% of every food item on this side of the isle was processed carbohydrates, and sugar packed in a cardboard box, marketed to kids. Even the supposedly “nutritious” cereals and breakfast bars, were packed with bad fats, a lot of sugar and processed ingredients. On the other side of the isle, from front to end was nothing but “fruit juices” and different drinks. This store had every type of juice and drink that you can imagine, and this did not include sodas. Soda was in another isle. At the very end of the isle was a small area with maple syrup, pancake ingredients, and other “pastry type” of foods.  

Before you email me, yelling at me that fruit juice is healthy and wondering how could I think otherwise, stop to think about something; First of all, most of these drinks are not all fruit juice. A good portion of these drinks is filled with additional sugar on top of the “juice” that is contained within. The bigger problem in my opinion is that even though it is fruit juice, fruit juice is sugar in itself. Each bottle of juice is loaded with calories, and sugar. No one needs that much “fruit” in one serving. People think however, that because it is juice it must be healthy. In addition, since it is healthy, you can drink a lot of it.   

The truth is, many people have gotten very fat from partaking in a traditional “American” breakfast. The typical breakfast in this country is a heaping bowl of cereal,  and a large glass of ‘juice.’ Sometimes, the cereal will be replaced with a breakfast bar, which is nothing more than a large candy bar with some oats pack inside. Other times, people will make pancakes topped with butter, and tons of maple syrup. Either way, eating like this on a daily basis will contribute to most people gaining weight.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, but the traditional model of breakfast is nothing more than desert most of the time.  

 If you are looking to control your weight, develop the body of your dreams, rethink breakfast and stay away from that dangerous food isle in your local supermarket. As a matter of fact, the best places in most food stores are usually on the ends. The outer isles contain your fruits, veggies, eggs, healthy cheeses, and a lot of smarter choices.   

To help you with more of your nutritional choices check out Mike Roussell’s Naked Nutrition Guide. It is one of the most comprehensive, easy to follow and effective nutritional guides on the market. I have been nothing but impressed with this guide and everything Mike has done.

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