New Year’s News!!

Happy New year!!

Hope that all of you had a great New Year’s and more so, are on the path to an incredible 2008.

I am making some major changes for the New Year for myself.

I have some big plans coming up in ’08!!!

I am taking my blog to another level….stay tuned for that. It will be full of much more content and will benefit all of you tremendously. I am going to use my 18 years of experience and blend that with new ideas, interviews and help from the best in the industry to bring you great content and so much more.

I am working on some very cool information products. I have received many emails over the last year about producing some content rich products for people that need help in their quest for total fitness and health and I am ready to make that happen. Watch for these in the up coming months.

I have been busy writing for Men’s Fitness and have some spots coming up in the next few months including an article on core training that you don’t want to miss in the March issue.

Personally, I am committed to getting into the absolute best physical, and mental shape of my life by introducing new training routines into my own personal program while keeping things new and fresh.

Beyond that, I am going to be incredibly busy with work, life and making great things happen. Hope you are all committed to doing the same.

Set some goals, have some fun and take control of your life. The time is now so get busy!!

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