Its been a while since I have blogged, but I wanted to wish everyone out there a happy Thanksgiving.

I will be hosting my first Thanksgiving in my new home and entertaining 16 people and one very large dog Great Dane. It should be fun.

Tips to make your Holiday better:

1. Eat smart. This doesnt mean you can’t eat everything you want, it just means that you should take it slow. Don’t load your plate up on the first go. Eat what you have, take a break, and if you are still hungry, save that for dessert.

2. Go for a walk after dinner. I know football will be on, and you will be fat and lazy after that meal, but the best thing you can do is walk it off. Get out in the cool Fall air and have a nice 30 min stroll.

3. Be Thankful. Remember what the day is all about. Thank those that have helped you in your life and be grateful. We get lost in the food and drink and forget the “why” of the day.

4. Get a Black Friday training session in. Dont take the whole weekend off. Get a quick workout in on Friday and go hit the malls later if you want.

Have a great day and weekend. Eat well, and be safe.

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