How to HIIT

   I have most of my fat loss clients doing HIIT training. ALL of my fat loss clients are losing unwanted fat, and losing it fast. Much of their success has to do with making the right diet choices; the rest has to do with hard work. Along with a good and efficient resistance-training program, I integrate HIIT into their programming each week. The results are awesome. To see the “how and why” of doing HIIT, check out a previous blog article about it here.    

If you are trying to lose fat, and lose it fast, you need to get your diet right, get on a sound resistance-training program and incorporate HIIT into your plan. Here are some basics:


  • Find a cardio machine that you like or even better, one you do not like. Yep, I said one that you do not like. Chances are the one that you do not like is more difficult for you, which is why you do not like it; however it will probably give you the best results. Stationary Bikes are probably the best in the beginning. Elliptical machines will work, but are not my favorite for this type of training. Stay away from the treadmill for HIIT training. It can be dangerous. If you really want to run (which is fine by the way…just do it outside. More on that later)


  • Start by warming up for about 3-5 minutes. Once you are warm, crank the resistance of the machine up to over where you would normally have it. If you usually go with level “5”, crank it up to level “10.” Once you crank it up, start moving as fast as you possibly can, and do this for 15 seconds. Once the 15 seconds is up, decrease the resistance on the machine to level “1” or “2” and move as slow as you can, but keep moving. “Rest” at this level for the next 30-45 seconds. Once the rest period is up, repeat the “on” cycle by cranking up the resistance and the movement for another 15 seconds.


  • Do this cycle of “on” and “rest” for a total of 5-8 cycles. When you are finish, stay on the machine and cool down for another 5 minutes.


  • Do this type of training after you do resistance training, not before.


  • Make sure you check with your physician before trying this type of training system, especially if you are obese, or have heart/cardio vascular issues.


  • WARNING: HIIT Training is very difficult and should not be taken lightly. Be ready for an incredibly tough training session, but one with many rewards.


  • Finally, you don’t have to do any more “cardio” when you are finished. The fat burning effects of this will follow you out of the gym and all the way home for hours to come. That is the key to this type of training.


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