REAL Fat loss – Slow and steady wins the race…..

October 14, 2007


“It’s a tough thing for people to accept – but the smaller the rate of fat loss – the longer you can keep losing fat without a plateau and the easier it is to keep it off.” – Alwyn Cosgrove


I took this from Alwyn’s blog and I thought it was perfect. Many people out there NEED to read, hear and understand this statement. Read the rest of this entry »

How to HIIT

October 2, 2007

   I have most of my fat loss clients doing HIIT training. ALL of my fat loss clients are losing unwanted fat, and losing it fast. Much of their success has to do with making the right diet choices; the rest has to do with hard work. Along with a good and efficient resistance-training program, I integrate HIIT into their programming each week. The results are awesome. To see the “how and why” of doing HIIT, check out a previous blog article about it here. Read the rest of this entry »