The Tale of Two “Skinny Kids”

The Tale of Two “Skinny Kids”  High school kids have been coming up to me for years asking the same old questions…”what should I eat?” “Does this supplement work” and “How do I get big?”  A little over two months ago, two high school athletes both approached me at different times, each asking the same questions. Each wanting to get “big!” Since neither had the time to sign up for continuous training sessions with me, I gave them both what I consider the best source on the market for getting “big” fast. I led each of them to Muscle Gaining Secrets, from Jason Ferruggia.   

Fast forward to this past week. Athlete number one, who I will call Matt walked in weighing a little over 5 pounds more than he did 2 months ago. Matt told me that he got a great program from a guy at his gym and has been following that.


Athlete number two, who I will call Devin went to Muscle Gaining Secrets and bought Jay’s program and has been following it for the last two months religiously.  Devin is almost unrecognizable. He has gained 20 pounds of lean muscle and is stronger then ever before. At this time he has three Division I colleges looking at him seriously for full scholarships. Just two months ago, he was a skinny kid, who never picked up a weight. As of yesterday, he is one of the strongest kids in his school and bigger than ever.

  Moral of the story: If you want to pack on serious muscle, in the fastest time possible, you have to check out Muscle Gaining Secrets, by Jay Ferruggia or you will be left in the dust.

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