The Battle of Evermore


The pain of war cannot exceed
The woe of aftermath,
The drums will shake the castle wall,
The ring wraiths ride in black, ride on.
Sing as you raise your bow,
Shoot straighter than before.
No comfort has the fire at night
That lights the face so cold.
Oh dance in the dark of night,
Sing to the mornin light.
The magic runes are writ in gold
To bring the balance back, bring it back.
At last the sun is shining, the clouds of blue roll by,
With flames from the dragon of darkness
The sunlight blinds his eyes.

-The Battle Of Evermore

Led Zeppelin   

They come to battle with their war face on, ready for anything, ready to give everything they have, no matter what. This is their promise to you, their war-master, their general…the person that will prepare and throw them into the fight of their lives. Although you try to quell their enthusiasm a bit and remind them of the tough battle ahead, they continue to promise “I will do whatever it takes” “Work me as hard as you can” “What ever I need to do, consider it done!” These promises go on and on, with incredible optimism and fervor. 

Months later, as the war moves on, and the warrior is tired, motivation is waning, and the fighter feels like this is all for nothing, you quietly and purposely remind them of the promises that were made months ago. They don’t really want to hear that…after all, they have given EVERYTHING they had for these past few months, and although battles have been won, the war still rages on.


Finally you sit them down, and go over this never-ending war with them…face to face, no fighting on this day…talking it out…letting them see just how far they have come.

  Body Fat is WAY DOWN from a few months ago………………….but scale weight isn’t! Measurements are down in some places……………………………but not in other places!!!Blood Pressure is way down as is resting pulse rate. Heart is stronger than ever…………..Joints don’t hurt much anymore…………………………………but they feel tired a lot more……

Their diet’s and nutrition are better than ever………………………….but why cant they eat what they want?


“It isn’t supposed to be this way”. “It was supposed to be easier, quicker,” they tell you. You remind them that there really are no hard fast rules…we all respond to this war a bit differently. You lovingly remind them however, that they will make, and they will win.


As their general, you try to convince them that this war is being won and its being won day after day…small battles, small victories…but they do not always listen. In this war, there are some casualties along the way. Self Esteem goes up and then way down. Family members, co-workers and friends seem to discourage these warriors just when they need the most encouragement. Self-worth gets a hit as well. This is not an easy war, it never will be. The war on the body is just the beginning and seems in most cases to be the easy part. The war in the mind is the real war…where the real battles take place. This is the war that must be won.


 The scale is not moving as much, but much muscle has been put on the tired, but war-hardened body. Body fat is way down, joint pain and stiffness are things of the past, so much so, they really cannot remember how bad they felt before. Heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol are down and better than ever. The war is being won. The battles are frequent, but manageable. Moral, however is a different story. As the warriors grow tired of not seeing huge changes, day in and day out, and plateaus are being hit each week, and the scale does not seem to move, moral goes south. Charts of progress, current measurements and feedback from strangers all seem to help. These things help just enough to bring the warrior’s spirit back up, just for another few weeks. The inner-battle will go on.


The war will rage on, the strong will stay the course and fight. The weak will pack it in and “try something new!” Only the real warriors will survive. Only the super smart will trust and keep fighting, for they know that this war is never ending, but that this war will only be won one week and one day at a time.

  Fight on.

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