Self Destruction


As a fitness coach, I see a lot of success in the people I work with. Some lose a huge amount of body fat, some gain a bunch of rock hard muscle, others get their cholesterol down, while getting the heart in the best shape ever. Total health improvements, physique improvements, energy levels go way up, etc… Very seldom do I see failures with people I work with. To be honest, I really cannot sit here and talk about any clients, athletes or otherwise that have failed while working with me. That is not necessarily me being great at what I do, but rather having great people that work my plan the way I want it worked. When that happens, success happens. It’s that simple. Its about commitment, refinements, and constant action.


What I do see many times however, are unhappy clients with outrageous expectations. When the expectations get out of control and people begin to believe that they are entitled to play by different rules than the rest of the human race…problems ensue. What I am getting at is simple: You cannot outpace biological rules very much. Well, with certain drugs, and other unhealthy practices, something’s can be sped up, but more times than not, we all play by the same rules. To think otherwise is disastrous.


Self-Destruction will occur 100% of the time as soon as we think we can break those rules and achieve things at an unreasonable rate. “Keith, how come I can’t lose 5 pounds/week?” “Keith, I only lost 2 inches around my waist this week, how come I can’t lose more?” “Keith, while my measurements are going down, and I am feeling better than ever, I am not losing as fast as I should be!” “Keith, my squat went up 40 pounds this month, can I get another 40 by the end of the week?”…yada yada yada…………


There is nothing wrong at all with being positive and shooting for lofty goals, as a matter of fact, I WANT people I work with to expect greater than average results. I expect better than average for them, so they should too. However, when those expectations become unreal and that unreal-ness attitude becomes their only reality…it sets them up for failure and misery.


Rules of Keith (part 1):


  1. If you are trying to lose weight (Fat) and you are actually losing weight and fat each week…be happy!! If you have not hit the wall of plateaus like many do, and the weight is still coming off, or the inches are decreasing, celebrate and keep working that plan. I can promise you this, you WILL HIT PLATEAUS along the way, so be happy when you are not.


   2. If your clothes are looser than they were last week, and much looser than last month…BE HAPPY and celebrate. Don’t expect that each week you will lose 2-3 inches. It doesn’t work that way. As long as you are losing, you are doing the right thing.


3. If you have gotten stronger since you starting your training program, great!! You are doing better than most people are.


4. If your heart is in great shape, your blood pressure is down, and your cholesterol is at an all time low be happy. As a matter of fact, be more than happy. Many people DIE from having high blood pressure, a fatty heart, and high cholesterol, so if you have good numbers, awesome for you. Keep working and live a happier, longer life.


5. Remember where you were when you started this journey of fat loss, or muscle gain and look where you are now. If there is progress in ANY aspect (fat loss, inches off, strength/muscle gains, heart heath, blood sugar down, etc…) than you need to smile and realize you are doing better than you think. Work harder and you will keep seeing progress.


6. If you are one of the people that has stalled…meaning, you have STOPPED losing weight, STOPPED losing inches, or have STOPPED gaining strength, find a qualified fitness professional to help you push through that wall.


7. If you are reading this and think I am talking about YOU, you are probably right. But understand this, I have these issues with almost every single client I work with at one point or another, so don’t assume YOU are the only one I am talking to, cause I can assure you I am not. You are in good company.

  Self Destruction can ruin a plan faster than anything out there can. Cheating on your diet can be overcome, as can missing a workout or two. Self-destruction has been known to make people quit their plan and never come back. If you are one of those people, seek out help and stop destroying your good work. Realize that you all play by the same rules for the most part and if you are making progress, any progress, celebrate and keep working hard.

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