Quest for excellence

 Quest for Excellence 

When you are hungry and want something bad enough, nothing will get in the way of your goal. NOTHING. : Exhibit A:   

A long time client of mine, who has made huge strides in his training goals in the past year, was recently was married. Although he was looking forward to his upcoming honeymoon as any man would, he was distressed a bit because he was not sure he would be able to train while in Italy for two weeks. I assured him that he would be able to get some kind of training session in a few days a week. Italy must have gyms, right? Unbeknownst to me, his hotel did not have a gym and there was nothing of the sort around where he was staying. While many people might just shrug it off and take those two weeks to enjoy the country side and not worry about training, my client did just the opposite. His brand new wife spied him one day doing a routine of shoulder raises, modified deadlifts, curls and a few other exercises using loaded up suitcases, and everything else he could find with weight. He even asked his new bride if he could put her on his shoulders and squat her…this she declined. The overall message here is that in his quest for physically excellence, even this man’s honeymoon could not and would not get in the way of his training progress. This is exactly the kind of person I love to work with!!


Exhibit B:


A female client of mine had lost over 20 pounds since we started working together, and significant inches around her body. She works harder than almost anyone I have come in contact with to lose her excess body fat. So what? Well the kicker with her is that she has no Thyroid. It was taken out years ago and if you don’t know, it is extremely difficult to regulate body composition without a Thyroid…so much so that her Endocrinologist told her that she would never be able to lose weight.  If a specialist that you trusted with your care told you that it was futile to try to lose weight, what would you do? This woman didn’t listen and thank god she didn’t. As I said, she has lost over 20 pounds in a few short months and her clothes are getting looser and looser by the week. She is an example of commitment and drive. The program I have her doing is working so well, that her doctors are paying attention and amazed beyond words what has occurred. The truth of the matter is that this woman is working hard and totally committed to her diet and training. That in itself is the key to success.


Exhibit C:

  One of my athletes whom I have blogged about before (67 year old baseball player) is still training like a 20 year old pro. He comes in consistently 3 days a week, and trains with incredible intensity. Coming off shoulder surgery less than a year ago, he is probably throwing better than ever. Last weekend, he reported to me that he threw for 7 innings, and over 106 pitches and felt as good in the 7th as he did in the first inning. Did I mention that he is a few years shy of 70?

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