Why are people so afraid of rap music? I am not saying that everyone needs to like it, but why fear it. I have people in my gym complain the second a rap song comes on. They run up and ask to change it. Now I understand if there is vulgarity and other things that may offend them…but it never gets to that point. Its music! I sense racial undertones sometimes from these people and it makes me sick. Besides, if “Young MC, Bust a move” offends you, you are really out of touch.



         Innocent until proven guilty. I am all for that. However, if it really comes to light that Mike Vick DID actually kill, torture, or hurt dogs in any way, how the hell can anyone defend him? I heard recently that another professional athlete called Dog Fighting a sport, so therefore “we” should cut Vick a break. After all, he was just participating in a “sport!” If you really believe that, you are not much better than the people involved are. 


         If you drink Alcohol routinely, you WILL have more trouble losing that fat that you are trying like crazy to get rid of. If you can throw back shots of Jack and still lose that weight and your life is good, drink up. If not, and you can’t seem to loose that extra weight, put the bottle down.



         I have said this once before…there is nothing quite like High School Friday night football games. I miss being on the sidelines a lot, but I try to go to as many games as I can. Go support your local high school team and check out what I am talking about.



         Highlights of my week – (1) I helped a man that has been confined to his wheelchair stand today by himself and aided him in walking 5 steps. Cool moment. (2) Woman that I have been working with for the past 2 months has no Thyroid…since we started training, she has lost about 20 pounds and about 10 inches around her waist. Her doctor told her that it would be impossible for her to lose weight without a Thyroid. (More on her later.) (3) Signed up my 10th baseball player this summer for performance training. Two of my guys are throwing in the 90’s. After some more work, it will be scary to watch what they can do. (4) Gave a talk to 26 respiratory patients about how they can still workout with resistance bands. The excitement on their faces was priceless. These people started to lose hope and now they have something to work for. Very cool moment.



One Response to Thoughts

  1. Michele says:

    Keith – An overwhelming “awesome” on the wheelchair client. That is more of a high for the year.

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