Back from the dead??

  Well, it seems that way. As many people out there have pointed out to me via emails, text messages, and other means, I have not be “around” much this summer, if at all.  I had…well let’s just say an interesting summer full of many ups and many downs. Without getting into details and bumming everyone out, I lost a couple of close family members, had to deal with illness of some other family members and a multitude of things related. The good in all of that is that I purchased and moved into a new home, which I love…was given a tremendous opportunity at work, and have increased my income quite a bit. I am working with a ton of great athletes and I find myself having to turn people away that want to work with me because I am so busy. Production at work has been awesome. Finally, I have been given numerous opportunities to write for Men’s Fitness. Look for the September issue on news stands now. I have a few articles in there that deal with strength and stretching that I think you will like. 

 I did manage to have some fun this summer as well. I attended my first Lollapalooza in Chicago this August with my good friends Jason Ferruggia, Craig Ballentine, and John Alvino. Pearl Jam was the headliner and the main reason that we all went, but I got to witness some outstanding performances for those three days. If you like music, don’t miss this event. I will be there next year for sure. 

 It has been amazing how many emails I have gotten asking where I have been, why I have not been updating my blog, etc… I really didn’t realize that so many people read this on a daily basis. Either way, there is still work to be done in my life, but I hope to get back to things on a normal basis pretty soon.  I will leave you with a list of things I learned this summer. Both good and bad, and maybe some in between.  

  1. Most of the things you think are important in your daily life take a back seat when tragedy strikes and they never really take in the same importance again. Life will always be different for me, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

2. No matter how “famous” people out there think they are on the internet, no one really gives a you-know-what how many internet articles you have written or how well known you are on a message board. The only thing that matters is whether you get results in the real world. Stop worrying about getting internet fame and start working on your business…the one that pays your bills. If you doubt this, and think you are hot stuff, go outside, walk down the street or even in your local gym and I bet no one really knows who you are or cares that you write articles for internet sites.

  3. Internet Message boards are crazy places. Apparently, people really believe that these places are “real” and spend all day racking up post counts. If you have 1000’s of posts on these boards, I really feel bad for you. Hopefully you will “get it” one day and go outside for a change.

4. Along those same lines, people who listen to message boards “fitness guru’s” for all of their information…don’t! If you are listening to people that make their living by gaining points from message board debates, then you are a moron. Good coaches and fitness “experts” are too busy training people to be on message boards.

5. If you gained a little weight this summer because you were less than disciplined, don’t sweat it. You will get back to where you were before without too much problem. Summers are for you to enjoy.

6. Pearl Jam is an amazing band on record and even better live, as is Snow Patrol. If you have the chance, see both of them before you die. Ben Harper is absolutely riveting live. Add him to your list.

7. Energy drinks work. I hate to say it, but when you are beat and can’t move because you are exhausted from a hard training session or working too much, they seem to do the trick. I am not one for supplements or anything along those lines, but a good energy drink can get you going quickly. Right or wrong, they work, but so do steroids, so take that for what it is worth.

8. If you are a young gun in the fitness industry (20-28 years old) spend time with people that have been doing this for over 15-20 years. In other words, books, research articles, and other 25 year olds are never going to replace the education you can get from spending a few days with people that have been in the field for a long time. Keep reading, writing, and studying, but get a real education and learn from people that have done it. PS:  I am taking applications as I write this. : )

9. Obesity is not a permanent condition.  Work hard, eat the right things and you CAN lose fat and a lot of it. No secrets or gimmicks needed. I will fill you in soon about a few clients of mine that have lost HUGE amounts of fat when most people thought they never would.

10. Doctors can be morons sometimes. (as can anyone) The next time a doctor tells you an absolute, challenge him or her. Get another opinion, and whatever you do, don’t give up. I have witnessed small miracles this summer from people going against the norm and trying something else when all else failed.

11. New Jersey has the BEST summer produce in the world. Well, in my opinion. If you are ever in Jersey in the summer, don’t drive past a fruit and vegetable stand without stopping and trying what they are selling.

12. Blogs are like A-Holes…everyone has one these days. Careful where you get your information. If you ever have a doubt about someone’s qualifications…check out his/her experience level FIRST and education second. It will tell you a lot.

 13. Don’t take yourself too seriously…have fun and enjoy your time and those around you.  More later…….   

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