1 Year of Blogging

  I just realized that on July 31st, I will have been at this blogging thing here for 1 year. Although I am not celebrating at all (it is just a blog) I thought I would mention that, and thank everyone (or anyone) that reads, has read and supports the blog.  Some stats and numbers that you might be interested in:

 – In one year’s time, a little over 64,000 people have viewed this blog.

  – The best day ever was 614 views in one day. 

 – Over 120 blog posts in that one year.

  – This blog was translated on Google in the following languages: Japanese,    German, Spanish, French, and 2 Middle Eastern languages that I was not able to figure out. 

 – I received emails from people who live in: Israel, England, Scotland, Turkey, Germany, France, Mexico, Sweden, Austria and Australia directly in reference to this blog. 

 – This blogged has been linked to over 70 other websites for various reasons.   

Anyway, I wasn’t sure I would continue blogging after the first few, but I am still enjoying it, so blog on. Thanks for the support.   

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