Old School Training for health


I am an old school guy by nature. Old school rap is the main thing on my IPOD and I still look for the Donkey Kong machine every time I walk past an arcade. I also love to train old school style. Dead Lifts, Squats, overhead presses, rows, sprints, and medicine ball throws are my favorite things to do. Coming from a therapy background it might surprise some people that I use this same approach when training athletes and non-athletes alike. In fact, I use those same ‘traditional’ exercise types with people that have problems.

 Old School style training not only can make you big and strong, but it can also correct a lot of issues around the hips, ankles, shoulders and low back. A proper Dead Lift, whether with Dumbbells or a barbell is an excellent way to strengthen the shoulder girdle, loosen up the ankles, activate the key muscles in the hip and stabilize the low back. All of these, by the way, are necessary things for optimal physical health.A good squat can do the same for the ankles and hips and can stretch the proper areas of the shoulder for most people.  The point is, if you have “issues”, physical issues, you need to incorporate some traditional, old-school lifts into your routine.

If you are like most people, you will want to get strong and put on muscle as well, in the least time possible. The good news is that you can do this and help keep yourself healthy. Check out Jason Ferruggia’s new all-encompassing e-book for the best and fastest way to achieve muscle and strength. Keith Scott (hey that’s me!!) has a bonus book that comes with Muscle Gaining Secrets too!! I hear he is a pretty smart guy. Not only does Jay’s book give you the guidelines on putting on strength and muscle, he uses an old school style to do it. Add that to the bonus from yours truly and you have a tremendous resource to fit your needs.  

Here are some lifts that I think are must adds to your routine: 


Dead Lifts

Over head Presses


Med ball tosses 

Whether you train for looks, strength or just to stay healthy, you can’t go wrong with the old school.

One Response to Old School Training for health

  1. kitchenpt says:

    You make some good points – too often people focus on the latest and greatest, or what they saw someone else doing, and forget the fundamentals – compound exercises!!!

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