My diet is GREAT!!

 I hear this all of the time. Clients are not getting the results they want as fast as they want. So, we have an old fashioned “sit down.” I ask the tough questions, they reply with the “normal” answers. They pretty much tell me what they think I want to hear. The y also convince themselves that they are doing everything right and nothing wrong.  I have been over this before. It seems like I rant about this subject a lot. Well it is for a good reason. The number one reason people do not have success on their fitness programs, diets, muscle building routines, etc… is because they usually do not do what they need to be doing 90% of the time. Yep, 90%. You do not even need to be prefect, just 90%.  The biggest downfall I witness is diet compliance. Sometimes people just cheat and do not have the will power to do what is right. Other times people swear they are eating the right way, but really are not. Check out this chart below that I borrowed from my friend Tony Gentilcore of .  Proof that people do not know how much or what they eat?  Exhibit A.  

Food Group Servings:  (perceived intake versus ACTUAL consumption).  All numbers refer to servings per day.

  Grains   Fruits   Vegetables    Milk       Meat    Fats/Oils/Sweets 

Females 19-24 

Perceived              3.2           2.6           2.6                           3.2           3.5          2             

Consumed             4.2           0.8           1.7                           1.2           1.6          3.0 

Females 25-50 

Perceived              2.9           2.2           2.5                           2.3           3.0         2.1

Consumed             4.6           0.8           2.0                           1.0           1.7        3.2 

Females 51+  

Perceived              2.5           2.4           2.6                           2.1           2.7         1.6 

Consumed             4.7           1.5           2.2                           1.0           1.7         3.1 

Males 19-24 

Perceived              2.9           2.1           2.2                           3.1           3.7         2.1

Consumed             5.5           0.6           2.3                           1.6           2.3        4.1 

Males 25-50 

Perceived              2.9           2.2           2.4                           2.2           3.4         2.1

Consumed             5.9           0.9           2.5                           1.2           2.5         4.0 

Males 51+ 

Perceived              2.7           2.2           2.5                           2.1           3.1         1.7

Consumed             6.2           1.3           2.7                           1.1           2.4         4.5 

This chart is kind of alarming. It basically points out that most people honestly think they are complying with their diet guidelines but in reality, they are not.  If we are to believe this chart (which I cannot find any good reason not to) people need to really educate themselves on nutrition and diet. I mean really take a proactive approach to learning from sources that really know.  Chances are you fit into the above chart somewhere. Chances are that you honestly think you are doing “right” by what you eat and consume each day. Chances are you are not.   

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