Don’t call it a come back…


A while back I wrote about a 67-year-old baseball player that was training with me.  Click Here He is 67, took a year off to have shoulder surgery, and decided to get back into the game that he loved to play at the level he did before he left.  Last week he had his first start on the mound. He pitched 5 innings, gave up only 2 runs, walked just a few and struck out 6 batters. At the plate, this 67-year-old man went 4-4 and drove in 5 runs.  He showed up yesterday to train with me again. His shoulder felt better than ever and he was ready to get after it. He did dead lifts, squats, shoulder push- presses, a medicine ball circuit, and a host of corrective-type of exercises, and then threw with me for 30 minutes. He comes back again tomorrow to train and throw again.  Sunday he starts on the mound again and his goal is to throw in the high 70’s once again. After catching him for the last month, I will have to say he is close.  When I asked him how old everyone else was that he played against Sunday, he replied that most guys were in their upper 40’s and 50’s. He was obviously one of the oldest on the field. Although I tried to get him to say it, he would only hint that he was certainly the best player on the field. He also hinted that he is better than he was before his surgery.  When people come to me and sign up for performance training, I always tell them, with confidence, that they will leave here better than they were when they start. If they don’t, I suck as a coach and trainer. At 67 years old, I don’t think this guy believed me when I told him that same thing.  I think he does now.

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