If it is not working, fix it!


Sometimes you diet like crazy (or you think you do), sometimes you exercise like a madman/woman…or you think you do. Sometimes you think you are doing everything right.  Your scale does not move. Your clothes are not as loose as they should be. You are just not making progress.  Sound familiar? It should. I hear this a lot from people at the gym. They just cannot understand WHY things are not working, as they should.  Time to ask TOUGH questions: 

  1. If your diet, your nutritional plan working? You may think you are doing everything right. You may think you are watching things and because of that, you should be loosing that extra tire around your waist. But, ask yourself a few questions:
    1. Am I REALLY doing everything I can?
    2. Are those Friday night beers and Saturday night margaritas on my diet?
    3. Is that “Cheat” meal a once in a month thing, or do I cheat every week at least twice?
    4. Am I really watching my calories the way I should?

 Now I am not one for strict calorie counting, but if things are working, maybe you need to.I am the guy who will tell you a cheat meal every once a month is going to kill you. It will probably be beneficial for you. However, is it really once a month? If it is more than that, maybe you need to change something.   Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are doing everything you can.  If your training program is right, and you are committed to it, and your diet is just, “OK” then you need to tighten up your diet.  The bottom line is that if you really are not reaching your goals, you need to tighten up your diet, training plan, and finally, tighten up your attitude.  Food for thought: Some people can cheat and get away with it. Some people cannot. Which person are you and are you where you want to be?

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