What it takes


People come to me all of the time wanting to lose weight, wanting to put on muscle, or wanting to be the best in their respective sport. More times than not, these people have success. People that are burning inside for change or burning to be better than they are usually are motivated to do what is necessary. They have what it takes.  

Others fail and are left miserable, negative and misguided. I have concluded that some have what it takes and some do not. But I also realize that those that don’t have what it takes, can most times, be educated and learn to have “it” over time. I have to be a motivator, I have to be someone that encourages, and finally I have to the one that takes the doubters and makes them into champions in one way or another. I have had plenty of people that have resisted. I have converted many of them. Some not, but most I have.  

The conversion starts with a self-assessment. I ask hard questions and make these people answer them honestly.  

Here is a list of “wants” from potential clients: 

  • I want to lose ____ pounds!
  • I want to feel better
  • I want more energy
  • I want to get stronger and faster
  • I want to start for the varsity next season
  • I want to pack on 10 pounds of muscle


Here are some of my questions in response to those wants: 

  • Do you realize how committed you will have to be to training and your diet?
  • Do you have the patience to see this through totally?
  • Do you have the intensity to work as hard as you can?
  • Do you have the perseverance to fight through the tough times?
  • Do you have the drive to keep showing up, day after day, no matter how you feel or look?
  • Do you have enough self-confidence and pride to ignore the ‘haters’ and the negative people out there and do what needs to be done?
  • Do you have what it takes?


You might be surprised what your own, honest answers are to these questions. One thing is for sure, you had better work on saying an honest “yes” to the above questions before you jump into a training program.

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