Observations from the airport



I spent all memorial day traveling back from
Tucson. Like most people, I had plenty of waiting and down time in the airport. During that time, I listened to music, read, and people watched. Some things I observed:

  • I saw more overweight people (I didn’t say fat) than people that were at a healthy weight. Probably about a 70/30 ratio of Overweight/Healthy weight.
  • I did not see many underweight people at all.
  • About 90 % (Yes, I did calculations) of the people had pretty bad posture, both walking and sitting.
  • There were a high number of people walking with some kind of gait problem. (i.e. limping, not able to put full weight on their foot, ankle, knee or hip)
  • Most of the people that were eating were eating some kind of “junk” food. What I saw was a lot of McDonalds, chips, ice cream, Candy snacks, sodas, etc… The interesting part was we were by a HUGE food court that had a lot of healthy choices. The longest line of all of the places? McDonalds.
  • Wheel Chairs – Saw more people getting wheel chairs to board and exit planes then ever before. Interestingly enough, many of these people didn’t look like they were older than 60. Once on the plane they got around fairly well. Hmmm
  • The majority of the people I saw did not show any indication of training. Meaning, no obvious muscle tone…anywhere.


Conclusions? You can make your own here, but I believe that places like an airport give us a nice snapshot of our entire society, probably better than any other place around. You have people traveling from all over the country, all meeting in one place. There are 100’s of people around. Old, young, black, white, native, foreign, big, small, male, female, etc… So, I believe, based on this, that we are a fairly unhealthy world for the most part…but probably more so and unhealthy country.


The scariest part however, is when I got on the plane, and noticed the coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and just general “sick” people sitting all around me.  

I am very thankful that I have been able to build such a strong immune system.

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