The Ultimate Program


I am going to show you the ultimate program. The best…the one that will get you where you want to go. There will be none better than the one you are going to see here. This program will make you stronger, look the way you want and help you feel great. 

Here it is. Are you ready?  

The Ultimate Program – Is the one that you do and follow. 

That’s it. What do you think?  

Ok, I know…I baited you into thinking I was going to outline some grand plan or some revolutionary system for your training. I didn’t. I am sorry. However, I stand by my statement. The program that you do, consistently, and the one that you follow close to the letter…the one that you make a priority each day…is the Ultimate program. This may come off as simplistic and it probably is, but many times “simple” winds up being the “best.”  

Follow my train of thought here for a moment… 

I have witnessed people adhere to what I think is the most outlandish, absurd, plain ‘stupid’ fitness program ever written. However, these people follow it to the letter, never miss, got their nutrition and rest right…and guess what? They make incredible progress. I have witnessed others take the ‘best programs’ from some of the best minds in the fitness field, and not follow them as their written, not do their part with their diet and rest…and these people fail. Moreover, they fail miserably.  

Imagine, for a moment that you had the best program, developed by someone that really knows his or her stuff…and you followed it to the letter. You took care of your nutrition and rest…how great would you be then?  

Even the worst programs get results if followed. I would rather see someone do a “bad” program and do it with all of the intensity and passion possible, then watch someone waste the greatest program ever on laziness and dumb pride.  

The ultimate program really is the one you are doing and doing consistently. There will always be better ways, and there will always be better research that comes out. The bottom line is to do whatever you are doing and do it with everything you have. I still may call your program “stupid” or still may think it is absurd, but if you are doing it and doing it with all you have, you will still get somewhere.  

So whether you subscribe to an online system or you hire a personal trainer to develop your program…stick to it and do it by the rules.

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