13 random thoughts…


  1. People need to measure fat loss success by seeing how their clothes fit, rather then worrying about the scale.
  2. People need to fine-tune their macronutrient intake (Carbs, proteins, and fats) as much or more than their physical training sessions. Diet is a HUGE component of success in fitness. Whether it is fat loss, or muscle gain. Sometimes macronutrients need to be adjusted each day, depending on what you are doing.
  3. People need to get more active in the hours that they are NOT with their trainer or not at the gym. Take a walk, do some housework, play with your kids. Do something. The more “extra” movements you are doing, the better.
  4. Parents that are serious about their children becoming great athletes (for whatever reasons) need to seek out professionals that can help take them to a higher level. Stop paying all of that money for speed schools who hire college interns to train your son or daughter. Find a pro that has real experience and can help your athlete make it to the next level and stay healthy at the same time.
  5. If you contribute to an internet message board forum, stop celebrating that you have thousands of posts. It is nothing to celebrate. What it means is that you have way too much time on your hands and should be focusing on other things. It is worse if you do this when you belong to a Fitness message board. Please, get a life.
  6. Athletes need to stop training one thing at a time. Weight room coaches need to learn that strength, speed, power, quickness, mobility, etc… are all interrelated. You cannot properly and safely improve one area without improving the others. Training should be a total approach. If you are not training that way, you are missing the boat.
  7. People need to stop thinking of fitness as a temporary thing. It’s a lifestyle and a life long pursuit. There really is no end to it. Adopt a fit lifestyle and stop looking for the finish line.
  8. Gym-hero’s who only train their upper body, need to realize that they are neglecting a huge part of their fitness. Don’t be afraid to train the rest of you. I have watched guys bench over 400 pounds but walk away from the bench with chicken legs. Train the legs.
  9. Women (and some men) who honestly believe that 10 sessions with a trainer is going to get them 30 pounds leaner and be the answer to all of their problems. True weight loss takes a long time. 10 sessions will get you started, but you need much more work before you see serious results.
  10. People that assume that pain is a normal part of their lives. YOU DON’T NEED TO LIVE WITH PAIN. Get yourself “right” and corrected and live pain free. Its not normal and not a birth right to be hurting each day.
  11. People in crowded gyms who think they have the right to get the radio station changed because they do not like rap. (or any other kind of music.) if you are that uptight about music, bring your own and listen with earphones. There are other people that really do like to workout to something other then Christian pop.
  12. People that complain about it being too hot in the gym just because they are sweating. Got news for you: You are supposed to sweat, you are training.
  13. People that tell me that they cannot lose any more weight, but that their diet is really good, so it can’t be that! Wrong, 99% of the people that I deal with think they have a great diet, but in reality, they do not! They really are doing all of the wrong things and not half of the right things. Get help.            

One Response to 13 random thoughts…

  1. krislinatin says:

    good thoughts, right on.
    number 2 is what i need to work on…
    good post.
    Blessings, kristina

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