They’re just numbers….

This goes with yesterday’s blog about throwing away your scale. (Side note: When you have been doing this job as long as I have, you tend to learn more than you teach over the years…I get great info from my own clients along the way. I also hear incredible things, both good and bad) Last night I had a client complain because she gained a pound. I smiled and shrugged. She has obviously lost fat and size. The scale number does not concern me at all. Today I had two clients celebrate that they both lost a pound or two. I smile, congratulated them both, but inside, shrugged and did not think twice about it again. Numbers. That’s all both of them are. People tend to love their scale when the numbers go their way and hate it when they don’t. Guess what. The two pounds you gained might just be water retention, muscle gain and glycogen stores, not fat. Guess what else? The 2 pounds you lost could just as well be water loss, glycogen loss and muscle loss. The point I am trying to make is that you should not go by the scale in the short term. Save it for 2 months or more down the road. You should be looking at your clothes and seeing how they fit. Take some measurements the same places, time, and way each week. Go by those numbers, not the scale. Someone emailed me about my blog yesterday and simply said that she doesn’t think anyone should throw away their scale, but rather know it’s limitations. Obviously, she did not really read my article closely. I do not expect anyone to throw away his or her scale. I would hope that people would recognize the scale for what it is and yes, know its limitations. If you cannot do that, get rid of it. Put it away, sell it, or toss it. Whatever it takes. Nevertheless, realize one thing, the pound you lost means that you are one pound lighter at the time you weighed yourself. Beyond that, you really do not know much more.  The scale does lie, and it can lie in both directions. Take measurements; use other ways to track your progress.

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