Throw away your scale


I wrote a few weeks ago about how the scale does lie. Meaning, there will be times when your body weight goes up, and your body fat goes down. I talked about all of the reasons this can and does happen.  

Most of my clients lose fat and a lot of it. All of these clients put on a lot of muscle. Most of my clients loose size in their waist, legs, shoulders, etc…Bottom line, they lose fat somewhere on their body. You don’t get to choose where your body will lose the fat, but rest assured, if you follow the right diet, and work hard, you will lose fat.  

With all of this said, I still have almost every one of my clients come at me almost every day with the following statement (by the way, if this looks familiar, it is, try hearing it everyday from everyone) “Keith, how come the scale isn’t moving? I am smaller, and my pants are looser or I know I am losing fat, but the scale says (‘gasp’!) that I gained weight!!”  

OK, here it is again, this time, put a little more blunt; If you are loosing size, and getting smaller, and know for a fact that you are loosing fat, but you are still hung up on what your scale says…please, do yourself a favor, throw away your scale, and do it now. If you cant throw it away, put it in the attic. But get rid of it.  

On the right program,  you will put on muscle, on the right program  you will probably retain water, it is getting hot out, so your will be dehydrated, therefore, retain more water. STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE SCALE!!  

One more thing, you cannot expect to lose fat every single week. Your body will resist a lot. You have to keep changing things up so it does not get comfortable. Once you body reaches a state of efficiency, you will stop loosing. Change it up. Still, throw away that scale.

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