Body Confusion


Body: “I am feeling pretty good right now, why all of the exercise? I mean, my back does hurt in the morning, but that is normal as you get older. No biggie. Yes, I know…don’t have to say it…I am a bit overweight these days, fat even. I know I can lose it again, but must we do all of this exercise?” 

Body: “Its been two weeks!! TWO FREAKIN weeks and I am still the same weight. You have been brutalizing me with deadlifts, squats, push ups, shoulder presses, and not to mention that HIIT stuff, which by the way, almost killed me. Is there a reason why we are coming close to death every 30 seconds, unable to breath? Is that fun or something? I don’t get all of this. I don’t want to change!! I am happy as I am.” 

Body: “OK, OK…you have forced my hand, so to speak. I am changing. I don’t want to, but you are forcing me to. This third week of all of this stuff you are doing to me must be the “magic week,” but I still don’t get it. I am finally starting to see changes and feel them too. Those pants are looser, and I see muscle where I haven’t seen it in years. I also don’t hurt as much in the morning. Although I am still very sore from those stupid weights.” 

Body: “Now I am really confused. Just when we see changes, you switch everything up on me. Now we are doing different exercises than before, different weights, different sets and reps. I am really confused now. This better work!! I mean it. By the way, I think I am still losing fat and feel stronger than I have in years…This stuff works and I am starting to like it. I am just not sure why we keep doing new stuff all of the time.” 

Body: “OK, I get the exercises stuff. It works. I am sold, but do we really have to eat the crap you are feeding me now, all of the time? What happened to my pasta and bread? I love that stuff. Granted, I always felt like a bloated walrus after woofing down a huge plate of spirals with sauce, but man it was good. Also, no more cold cereal in the morning? What’s up with that? I love Raisin Bran and I always thought that was good for you. Do we really have to have Spinach Salad and cottage cheese all of the time now? In addition, could you possible shove MORE protein down my throat? Come on, the 200 grams yesterday wasn’t enough? And you think this is going to help me loose weight?” 

Body: “OK, you were right again. I am down another pant size, have more energy than a fifth grader on a pixie stick high, and look incredible, if I do say so myself. I guess you know your stuff. I guess that trainer guy telling you to do all of this really knows what he is doing. I mean it’s only been 5 weeks and look at me. I am nowhere near where I would like to be now, but we need to keep going. I am really starting to like what I see and how I feel. How come we didn’t work out today anyway? Do we really need a “break?” Come on, rest is for wussies. Lets workout anyway.” 

Body: “Holy crap. These training sessions keep getting harder and harder. I love them, but do we have to keep turning things up each week? Come on, I thought we were doing well where we were. Why the increase in intensity? I am still making progress…aren’t I? Granted, not as much as I did a few weeks ago, but still feeling great and looking great. Cant we do the same workouts as last week?” 

Body: “are you sure I am aloud to eat more? I mean, isn’t the goal to cut calories, and now you want me to add more?? I am confused. But, yea, I know…you know what is best. If you say this will help, I am all for it. After all, so far so good.” 

Body: “Now wait a minute here. I started with the weight lifting, hung in there with the eating part, did everything you told me to do, but these new HIIT sessions are brutal. Seriously, I thought I was going to die. How in the hell is pedaling a stationary bike, at the highest resistance, for 20 seconds straight going to help me lose more fat? Aren’t I supposed to walk or jog on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes to burn fat?” 

Body: “Once again, right you were. I have never looked so good. It’s been 6 long months, but I have lost all of the fat and some that I thought I would, totally changed the way I eat, and I have put on some great muscle. I hate HIIT, but know how well it works. I love to lift weights and train each day. I have more energy than ever, and will never go back to who I was before! That trainer guy should get a raise!! I have reached all of my goals, but doing so has only made me set new ones!” 

 Body: “Wow, I finally look good naked and feel 10 years younger!”

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