Here is some news to report in the world of Keith Scott. (don’t worry…I am not getting married, having a baby, or haven’t saved money on my car insurance..nothing like that.) Fitness-type of news….

 1.      I have been asked to join The FitCast as a co-host. If you have listened to some previous shows then you would know I was a “guest” host on the very popular fitness pod cast. I was asked recently by the show’s creator, Kevin Larrabee, to be one of the new, more permanent co-hosts, and it was an opportunity I could not refuse. I am looking forward to helping the show continue to succeed and hopefully pick up some new listeners. Make sure you subscribe to this pod cast so you do not miss any shows. There is usually a new show every week.  

2.      My official Website is just about finished and will continue to be a work in progress. However, I have made it live and you can feel free to go and check it out. I will be announcing its “official” launching in the future however. Check it out here: There will be a newsletter soon as well as some articles and other “features.”  

3.      I have a small Q and A in the May issue of Men’s Fitness which is on news stands right now. You cannot access it through the internet, but you can check out the site anyway before you go out and buy your copy. I will be contributing more content to the magazine in the future.

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