The Ice-Cream Cake Diet

Keith, how come she can eat whatever she wants and NEVER gain weight? Because that’s the luck of the draw. Some people can eat whatever they want and not get fat. Real answer: She probably has a very high, revved up metabolism that allows her to eat anything and everything and never gain weight. It doesn’t mean for a minute that people like this are healthy. Or that it wont catch up to them one day (everyone’s metabolism slows down eventually) What it means is that YOU are not HER. Don’t try to be.

You are you and have you own set of “rules” you must live by. Fair or not, get used to it and stop complaining about what he or she can eat.  A friend of mine once sat down and ate half of an ice cream cake for breakfast. She then proceeded to eat a pretty big helping of eggs, bacon and various fruit. Overall, she probably ingested 1200 calories or more in just that sitting. The night before all of this, we ate a huge dinner and had some drinks. So in that 12 hour period, her calorie intake was enormous. Later that day, (the same day as the ice cream cake breakfast) we all headed to the beach. As she slipped off her shirt, we all could not help but notice her 6 pack, still showing and still rock hard. Yep, she had a 6 pack, well defined arms, buff upper back and huge, round, rock hard shoulders. Ice Cream cake diet’s rule!!!

Well, not really. The message in all of this is to stop comparing yourself to anyone else and stop complaining that things are not fair. Is it fair that some people can eat whatever they want and never gain an ounce? No probably not, but it is the way it is. Deal with it. To this day she still has abs that can be seen through her shirt and still looks like she is incredible shape, yet she doesn’t workout and doesn’t really watch what she eats too much. She is an example of someone with great DNA. If you are not one of those people, it just means you have to work harder and do things your way. (Side note: this person is a former Olympic level swimmer, so she has years of hard work that went into developing that body) 

Worry about you first and the rules of your body. Once you do that and learn what your own rules are, you will be better off.

Comparisons lead to jealousy, self worth issues and ultimately burnout because you never see the same results as that other person.  This goes for guys too. I know many guys who like to go to the local muscle head gym and compare themselves to the biggest, most juiced guy in the place. Bad habit. Again, guys and girls need to worry about one person and that is you!

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