Things to ask your trainer….


You have probably read countless times from other personal trainers: Things to look at when hiring a personal trainer. Most of them have the usual things in there, like experience, and certifications, references, etc.. All great things and yes, you should always ask and investigate the “basics.” Here are a few more things you should check out.  When shopping for a personal trainer or coach make sure you ask the person what he/she has read lately and why. This is so important in my opinion. Good personal trainers are constantly reading up on the profession. They are constantly educating themselves. If you have a trainer that has not picked up a book, article, or research piece in over a month, he/she is probably not that good. He/she is probably flying by the seat of his/her pants.  

Ask them what were the last 3 seminars they attended and what they learned. Ask your trainer what seminars they have been to this year. If they cannot answer or tell you none, they are probably not that good. Good trainers keep learning. Good trainers keep up to date with the latest information, techniques and research.   When reading the testimonials or talking to other clients, figure out whether they are “loved” because of results they have gotten or because that particular trainer is a “good person” and “a lot of fun.” I have come across so many trainers in my time that are a lot of fun and really nice to their clients, but they get zero results. Is that really someone you want working with you? Ask to see the results they have gotten with past or present clients. If you talk with their clients, ask them if the sessions are fun or tough.  You might be surprised at the answer.  Bottom line is this: A good trainer….no scratch that, a great trainer or coach is someone that is constantly reading, learning, attending seminars and someone that gets results every single time out. If your trainer or a potential trainer is not getting a constant education and hasn’t gotten anymore out of their clients than laughter, then you need to keep shopping.

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