Things that make you go Hmmmmm


1. Why do people say that “I will do ANYTHING to lose the weight” and refuse to do the most basic things necessary to do just that?

  • Analysis: People really do not mean that they will do anything. It is an empty statement that really means nothing, but still frustrating to hear.


  • Solution: (a) Don’t make comments like that, unless you are SERIOUS about doing something about it. (b) Take a step toward your fat loss goal. Don’t just join a gym, but make an investment in a system that will keep you motivated and accountable. Hire a trainer or coach to keep you going. Sign a long-term contract and pay up front. Seems like a huge commitment doesn’t it? That’s the key. Make the commitment financially and watch how much more motivated you become. (c) If you don’t like gyms, or personal trainers are not for you, go find a system that you will follow and follow it to the letter. There are online systems that flat out work and work well. Take a look at systems like Craig Ballentine’s Turbulence Training. It’s a proven system that works.

2. Why do so many personal trainers out there suck? Harsh words, I know. However, look around and watch some of these people train clients. It is ridiculous to watch. Granted, there are some outstanding people out there training, but so many I see these days are really bad. There is a gym in my hometown (which I will not mention) where they have a personal training company contracted to train their gym clients for an additional fee. I watched a “trainer” have a 40-some year old, over weight woman performing lateral squat jumps with 15 pound dumbbells in each hand. The kicker? It was her first session. If I have to even explain to you the various problems with that, stop reading now and go somewhere else.  

  • Analysis: There are too many training certifications out there that just plain suck. Really bad and no credibility. There are a lot of gyms that hire people for the way they look rather than what they know. Experience and education isn’t even looked at.
  • Solution: I don’t see the industry being regulated anytime soon, so you the consumer must be smart in your choice of a trainer or coach. Look for Nationally training certifications, and also look for experience. Ask for testimonials or recommendations. Make sure your trainer has worked with people like you for a while and has some education to back up his or her experience. Check out their certs online. Ask questions.

3. Why people continually spend more time and money on their cars (and other possessions) than on their own body? I hear it all of the time. People have weight problems and don’t do anything about it. Why? They don’t have time. People have constant pain. They don’t do anything about it. Why? They don’t have time. People want to get into shape but they don’t. Why? They don’t have the time or money.

  • Analysis: People will get their car detailed twice a month, or spend most of their paycheck on the newest technology. I know overweight, out of shape women that will get their hair and nails done each month and not even blink at dropping over $300 to do so, but will claim that they do not have the money (or time) to spend on a gym membership or personal trainer. Others will suffer through constant pain each day of their lives and never try to do anything about it. These people just assume that being in pain is part of life.
  • Solution: How about figuring out what needs to be done on YOU first and then finding a way get that work done, and at any cost. There are tons of options out there for getting fit. Some more expensive than others and some less expensive. Either way, take some of that money that is spent in other areas of your life and spend it on you. You are the only you there is and ever will be. Take care of it. Also, instead of just living with pain and stiffness each day and thinking it is

4. There are so many people that reach their “golden years” in terrible pain and horrendous condition that just assume that their problems are the luck of the draw or that its part of getting old. Why do so many people out there refuse to take responsibility for their health? 

  • Analysis: Many people that have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. think that they have a black storm cloud following them around and that the only reason they are sick is because of bad luck.
  • Solution: Although there are plenty of people out there that do have these horrible diseases because of a bad genetic situation, I believe that more people are in these situations because of the choices or lack there of, that were made throughout their lives. If you have heart disease or diabetes in your family, do some preventative work NOW. Do not wait until the grim reaper knocks on your door until you decide you need to lose 20 pounds and clean up your diet. Things you eat and behaviors you engage in will affect you later in life. Do not wait until it is too late. Lower your weight, lower your cholesterol, eat more good stuff and exercise.

2 Responses to Things that make you go Hmmmmm

  1. I am not a trainer but I do hear a lot of these same arguments from people that I work with. It is sad that people will spend their money on things that have no lasting effect. I had rather be able to enjoy my “golden years” than hate life when I get there. Just wanted to say this was spot on with what I see everyday.

  2. Maggie says:

    :: Applauds :: Keith, I loved this post because everything in it is 100% true. Personally, I’d rather spend my hard-earned money to be in stellar health and LOOK it, too, versus putting that money into cosmetics, clothing or beauty treatments in an attempt to disguise physical shortcomings or flaws. The more fit you are, the less camouflage you need.

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