If your dog is overweight, than you probably are too

This statement may be true for some and not for others, but if you think about it, you should understand the point.  Many dog owners that have “fat” dogs are fat themselves. Not trying to be harsh, but honest in my assessment of what I observe. You see, I love dogs. I try to keep my pup as healthy as I try to keep myself. I try to walk and run my dog as much as I can. My dog’s health is important to me.  

My dog is not overweight, and neither am I. I don’t think that is by accident either. I am conscious about what I eat and conscious about how I exercise.  Barring hormonal issues in dogs, most dogs NEED exercise and don’t want to be fat. Most people NEED exercise and don’t want to be fat. The difference? A dog’s exercise habits are largely dependant on their owner. Dogs just can’t take themselves for walks in most cases. Dogs just can’t play fetch on their own. Dogs need to run and exercise and their owners are the one’s that control their dog’s destiny. Further, their owner also controls a dog’s diet.  Owners that walk their dogs each day stay trim. They burn calories, they rev up their metabolism. These people are probably more conscious about their health. Think about this; many overweight people spend much of their time in front of a TV or a computer, never getting outside or excising themselves. Chances are their dog is right next to them, watching TV, just waiting for that chance to get out and do something. That chance usually never comes. Fat dog, fat owner.  

People have full control of their own health and fitness in most cases. They can eat any way they choose and can exercise any way they choose as well. Because of these facts, people have no real excuse. Dogs however, have an excuse…their excuse is lazy, uninformed owners.  I feel badly for overweight people. Part of my job is to help these people with their fat loss. I work with overweight people all of the time.  I feel worse for dogs. They have no choice in the matter.

If your dog is overweight, than you probably are too. I thought about writing this blog article a long time ago, but I wanted to be fair before I did and take some time to do my “research.” Over the last few months I observed different dog’s that I have come in contact with and took note of their owners. I am sad to say that I was more inspired to write this after each observance of an overweight dog. In almost every single case, the owner or owners had weight issues as well. Further, most of the dogs with an “ideal” weight had owners that were also healthy and at an “ideal” weight themselves.  

Sometimes people need a wake up call. Take a look at your dog if you have one. Is he/she overweight? If so, how is your situation? Look around at your friends and neighbors if you don’t believe me. You will see a connection. Form your own hypothesis of why. Either way, if you have an overweight dog, do yourself and the dog a favor and get into shape. Your dog will love you for it even if you hate it at first.

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