Getting Started (on the fitness journey…)

One of the biggest problems that people have with fitness is getting started. For some it has been months and others years since they did anything remotely fitness related. Diets have become routines, filled with convenience only, and no nutrition or conscious thought into what a person eats comes into play anymore. Exercise is almost non-existent unless people count taking the trash out, the 5 minutes of sexual activity that occurs with their spouse and chasing kids around.

  Joints are stiffer than ever, pain is a norm each morning and night in various areas around the body. The mirror gets a face shot only, and clothes just are worn to cover up what you don’t want to admit is really happening to your body.  

Getting started on the fitness journey is not an easy one. It can be overwhelming to say the least. How can someone overcome all of that? How can someone get momentum? There is no easy way, but the best way to start is to never stop. That is easier said than done, and for most, the journey stopped a long time ago. It is never too late. Never.  Getting started is as simple as just that, getting started. Taking a step. Days and weeks go by fast these days and most would be surprised by how much they improve in such a small period of time.  

People who are starting over and getting back on their journey of fitness surround me constantly. Recently I have watched close friends, family members, old friends from high school, and countless new clients decide that it is time to get started. Each person will have a different journey and different struggle, but each person will be able to make those changes as soon as they get started.   About three weeks ago a women walked into the center where I work. She looked incredibly anxious to me when I met her, but not in a bad way…you see, she was excited. I could see it on her face. She was very excited to finally take back this part of her life and she trusted me to get her there. She was getting started. We talked and as usual, I asked many questions and she answered them all. However, I could tell that all she wanted to do is make the deal and get started. Within 10 minutes she had her credit card out and told me to do whatever, she just wanted to get started. You see, this women was overweight, not feeling good about her self and realized that ever after the age of 50 she could start over anytime she wanted and that tonight was the night. Fast forward to today and this woman is beaming with confidence. She has lost a large amount of fat, gotten incredibly stronger and her cardio vascular fitness is unbelievable. She is performing exercises that many of my athletes don’t do. 3 WEEKS!! That’s all it has been and she is doing incredible and will never look back. She simply had enough and just got started. She took a step and went for it.    I have mentioned this in other articles, and it will be mentioned again, take a step and just get started. Find a system, hire a trainer, join a gym, but whatever you do, take the first step. Be patient and watch things change sooner than you think.

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