Are Personal Trainers and Coaches worth the money?

This is a question I hear quite a bit these days and it is a great question. I encourage people to ask questions like this before they spend money hiring someone. The answer for me is yes and no. It really depends on the trainer. I have gotten over $100/session for my time and as little as $12 a session as well. It all depends on one thing: Can the trainer or coach deliver results? The sad answer to this question is that most cannot. I say this from years of being in the field and watching first hand the garbage that occurs out there. If you are shopping for a system or trainer that works and delivers results, do your homework and really take your time. Your progress will depend on finding that right person.  

Not all trainers are created equal, nor do they need to be. All trainers are different and most of the time this is a good thing. The main thing you need to consider is the person’s experience level in getting the results that you are looking for. How do you find out? You ask! Ask the trainer for examples of their training system. Ask the trainer for testimonials from other satisfied clients, ask the trainer what a typical session would look like and why. It never hurts to ask and if a trainer is hesitant at all about answering those questions, dump him or her and move on. A personal trainer worth his or her weight will be more than willing to share their training philosophy, background and have some testimonials with them.  

Back to the original question; Are Personal Trainers worth the money? Again, this depends. You first have to ask yourself one very important question while considering whether to seek out a personal trainer: Are YOU worth the money? Yep, that’s right, it’s about you. If you and your health are worth it, you will find that a good, quality personal trainer is totally worth the money. You see, people will gladly spend a lot of extra money on their cars, their clothes, entertainment, etc… Nevertheless, these people usually neglect their own bodies. Other people need a personal trainer because they cannot figure all of this stuff out on their own. Face it, fitness, nutrition, body sculpting, strength training, rehab, etc… is NOT easy stuff. I have committed a career to it and I am still learning every single day.  

A good personal trainer only has one goal…to help you reach your health and fitness goals…that is it. No agenda, no other worries. He or she is committed to helping you with one thing only. This person, the Personal Trainer, is an expert in getting results (at least the good ones,) so this person will get you where you want to be.  Ask yourself the following questions the next time you are thinking about hiring a personal trainer:

  • Can I figure all of this out on my own and still get the results I want and need in the shortest time possible?
  • Can I budget money to afford a good, quality personal trainer to get me where I want and need to be?
  • Can I find a highly qualified, experienced, results oriented personal trainer? Do I know the questions to ask to find out if this person is qualified to train me?

Do your homework, take your time, and shop around for a smart, qualified, experienced person to guide you to your fitness and health goals. Make sure the person has your best interests in mind.  So back to the question, are personal trainers worth the money? The answer is ultimately up to you, based on your goals, and your own self worth.  

One Response to Are Personal Trainers and Coaches worth the money?

  1. patrick ward says:

    Great information Keith!

    I think the most important thing you said was “Learning about all this stuff is NOT easy and that you are continually learning everyday.”

    I agree. The best trainers are always looking at what they do, evaluating whether or not they can do something better and staying on top of advancing their knowledge for their clients sake.


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