Things that must change

This is just a list of “Rants” that I have had stored up for some time and some new rants as well. I post them only to make people think a little more. Enjoy.

·        People thinking that eating a huge breakfast that consists of pancakes, syrup, fruit and a huge glass of orange juice is somehow good for you. Think about the amount of sugar that you are eating in this one sitting. Americans generally see breakfast as a time to get away with eating gobs of “dessert.” You know; things like cakes, pastries, sugar coatings. Think about what we buy and eat…Pop Tarts, Cereal with tons of extra sugar, Waffles covered with butter and more extra sugar. We wash down this meal with a huge glass of milk or orange juice. More sugar. No wonder we are so fat 

·        The Fear of lifting weights – I hear it almost everyday. “I don’t want to get bulky!” Don’t worry, you wont unless you neglect to take care of your diet. “I really don’t want to get bigger, I don’t need weights, I just want to lose weight and get fit.” – That starts with resistance training coupled with eating a good diet. Stop fearing the weights. I have 80 some year old women that train with weights and do very well. You can too.

·        Long Slow Cardio to lose fat. This just doesn’t work well. You want to lose fat? Try ramping up the intensity in your “cardio” workouts. It works and works better than anything I have done with clients. Do you want to spend a lot of useless time on the treadmill or Elliptical not getting anywhere? Do long slow cardio.

 ·        Teen Age girl’s obsession with Paris Hilton. What the F*ck has she ever done to deserve any status of a celebrity? She was born rich and has rich parents and became famous for going to parties and drinking. Am I missing something here?

 ·        Young guns in the industry need to gain some experience before becoming overnight experts. Internet message boards are filled with these people. Buyers beware and do your homework. Guys and gals with 2 years of experience should not be dispensing advice on how to treat injuries and correct dysfunctions when they have no experience preventing or correcting in the first place. “Trainers” that have trained people for less than 3 years have no place calling themselves experts and dispensing advice on how to get jacked, or stronger either. Be careful who you hire and listen to. Do your homework.

·        Practicing what you preach – I cant stand seeing trainers and others for that matter dispensing advice and working with people on fitness goals when they don’t do a fraction of anything to stay fit themselves. People need to walk the walk while they talk the talk. There is nothing worse than seeing a fat, out of shape trainer who has zero mobility, 20 orthopedic problems, and eats like a pig.

 ·        The dogma that training with body part splits is the only way to build muscle. People need to get real, do some reading and research and learn that body part splits are mainly for body builders and chances are, you are not a body builder. “Building” your body does not make one a body builder. Ditch the perception that working 10 sets of biceps curls is better than doing 5 sets of hard core chins. Its not!

·        People that actually celebrate the fact that they have 1000 + posts on an internet message board. Why would anyone celebrate the fact that you sit on your ass and post messages all day long instead of living life? I got news for all of the 1000 plus posters out there…don’t celebrate that fact, instead, reevaluate your life and your time.

 ·        Letting high school and college kids run amuck on internet message boards claiming expertise in every facet of fitness, body building, weight training, fat loss, etc… More news for you people…you don’t know shit. Sorry to say but experience is king in most endeavors, but in the fitness and performance field you need in the trenches experience before you really know what you are doing or talking about. Dead Lifting 400 pounds does not make you an expert. Hanging out on a fitness message board and racking up your post count does not make you an expert.

·        Biting off more than you can chew! You have heard that expression before and it is very true in the fitness industry both with clients and with trainers. Don’t assume that you can change your entire diet over night, start working out 5 times a week, add mobility training to your workout, and stick to that program long term. Take small steps for change. Change one thing this week or month and another the next. Too many people want to do everything at once and although its possible to do so, its tough and most people fail because of it. Trainers are just as guilty of this. They will allow and push their clients to do “everything” at one time. Not a good practice. Know you client and know you own limits as a trainer.

 ·        Everyone and their mother claming to be a Sports Performance Coach or Enhancement Specialist. Walk into any gym these days and there are trainers that have a sign up that claims they know how to train athletes. Maybe they do and maybe they don’t. The part that must change is the fallacy that just because you took a Kinesiology course in college and have your personal training certificate, does not make you a sports performance coach. Get some experience. Don’t be afraid to shadow or intern with someone that has been around.  

One Response to Things that must change

  1. Phil Sabin says:

    You definately make some very good points in these rants. I agree with most of them, but in particular – I go to the gym and see “trainers” working with people when they look like they aren’t doing anything for their own fitness. I just shake my head.

    Cheers, Phil

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