Cute little muscles

  I heard a woman in the center where I work ‘complement’ this guy about his “cute little muscles.” I had to laugh and wonder if she realized that, even though she really did mean well and thought she was giving the guy a complement, having “cute, little muscles” is not something most guys want to ever hear. It is kind of like the girl of your dreams telling you that you are like a brother to her. Its nice, but just not something you need to hear. Guys that train hard, want big muscles. I do not care how many guys tell you that they just want to be cut, or that they are just trying to add “some” size. That’s all bull. Any guy that is serious about training, wants BIG GUNS, and wants to be jacked.  

Being jacked is relative. For example, if you have a small frame and a certain body type, you may not be able to put on a lot of real size and any size that you do have is as “jacked” as you are going to get. With that said, I have witnessed some of the smallest guys, with tiny frames get serious about their training and nutrition and put on some major size. These guys truly got jacked and when a small guy really puts on size, they look pretty impressive. Cute little muscles do not have to be your reality if you are serious about getting bigger.  What most people fail to realize is that the reason they are not as big as they want to be is not that they were born with a disadvantage in the “jacked” department; rather it is because their training, programs and nutrition suck. This is not to say that genetics and body type play no role, because they do. Nevertheless, if you have not been blessed with the genetics of a Hulk Hogan, it does not mean you cannot change your body type on your own. It just might take a little more work, a little more creative training, and a lot more nutritional support.  

Let us look at the nutrition aspect of all of this. If you want to put on size and you are training hard and consistently, then the bottom line is that you need to eat a lot more than you are eating right now. This does not mean that you need to eat like a pig and have no rules about what and when you eat. It means that you need to increase your calories in the proper way, add a lot more protein to your diet, and start paying attention to WHEN you eat certain nutrients. For example, if you are not consuming some quality protein and simple carbs after you train, you are missing the boat. You have a window of opportunity for a few hours immediately after you train to ram some good muscle building proteins into your blood stream and the training effect will allow you to do this with the right nutrition. Take advantage of this. There are all different kinds of post workout nutritional drinks available and many people make their own. Some people drink chocolate milk to take advantage of this window, where others will mix some whey protein with Gatorade. There are all kinds of mixtures out there. One thing is for sure, immediately after, drinking your post workout meal is one of the fastest and best ways to get that nutrition to your muscles. Obviously, there is much more to this and the nutritional ball game and this is not the article to get into all of that. I will save that for another time. Before I abandon the nutrition side of this article, make sure your protein intake is adequate. Get close to a gram/pound of body weight in protein. If you weigh 200, you need to consume about 200 grams per day. Not easy at first, but can and should be done.  

As for the training routine, it needs to be examined closely for those that have a tough time gaining size. My good friend Jason Ferruggia wrote a book just on how to gain size and get jacked. It is for anyone thats trying to gain size, but really for the Hard Gainer. You can and should check it out here For the sake of this article, and to keep things VERY simple, remember these few things about your programming; Go heavy once a week, with low reps. Go light once a week, with high reps and stay in the middle once a week too. Hit all of your body, each time you train, but do it in different ways. You can train your legs each time you train, but you need to train them with different sets, reps and exercises. Your muscles will love you for this. Forget your body building routine because unless you are juicing and a genetic freak, that 100 reps and 100 sets crap isn’t going to work for you. Full body training is your best bet for a while. You can switch things up later. Granted, the above advice is about as watered down and basic as it can get, but this article is just to get you thinking and get your to reexamine what you might be doing wrong.  

Cute little muscles no more. You can be bigger and more jacked than you ever imagined. So unless you want to look like Patrick Swayze in almost every movie he has done, sporting an extra-small t-shirt with his sleeves rolled up so he can look like a beefed up 130 pound dancer…change things up. Get your nutrition right, get your programming right, and realize that you don’t have to settle for those cute little muscles anymore.

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