Doctor, Doctor Give me the news…..

  Today was the fourth time I “treated” someone for “frozen shoulder” successfully, in the last three months. Meaning, the fourth time that another person was cured from their incapacitating frozen shoulder, which was, by the way, diagnosed by their trusted doctor. With most, the story is always the same; Shoulder was injured years ago, no rehab was done, a few months in, their doc told them that they have “frozen shoulder,” and they would need some rehab and hope for the best. Some got the news that they would possibly need surgery. All four of these people suffered from this shoulder problem for over two years. They learned to live with it, because after all, their doc told them they had to.  

Within five minutes, yes FIVE MINUTES, I “cured” each of the four people from their two plus year frozen shoulder. No more restrictions, no more pain, no surgery, just freedom. Two of the people cried (yes, they were females) because they were so shocked and happy that they could move again.  I get irritated every time I hear someone say, “I have frozen shoulder,” or any other similar condition that has been diagnosed by their doctor as permanent and needing surgery. I am not bashing doctors in the least, or even suggesting that these conditions are not real or not serious. Many are and many need the care of a good doctor. I am asking people rather, to QUESTION everything. After all, it is your body. It does not mean you do not have to believe your doc when he or she tells you something, but always question. If someone told you that you could no longer watch three of your favorite channels on your television because “something was wrong” what would you do? You would probably find a way to get the thing fixed and you would do so immediately. However, say you took it in and someone said it needed a long and costly repair (like surgery), would you at least ask questions? Most would. For some reason, however, people tend NOT to ask questions when their doctor gives them some bad news about their body. Even when people do ask how to fix these things, they should ask what caused it, and if there are any other options out there. Why? Because usually there are.  

I mentioned the above short story about the four people cured of their frozen shoulder to illustrate a very important point: There is usually a lot more to a physical condition than meets the eye. All four people had previous trauma to their arm and/or shoulder. But what the person and the doctors forgot to ask themselves is what really caused this frozen shoulder? What is behind it? Is there anything else we can at least try besides the traditional treatment of Advil, rest and surgery? In all four of these cases, the answer was “Yes!”  I am not a miracle worker, nor do I have magic hands, and I am not connected with a higher healing power (as far as I know), but I understand and more importantly practice the law of looking outside of the box. Why not? You have nothing to lose but a little time and thought power.

Usually I find a solution based on a few basic but important things; knowing the functional anatomy of the body, understanding pathology, and understanding exercise and rehab. You would think that most doctors know those three things and I would guess that many do and in fact, I know many that do. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, many do not, or choose to forget that they know these things. The cycle continues…more “frozen shoulders,”  “Trigger fingers,” “Sciatica”, etc…conditions that are easy to name, easy to prescribe meds for, and easy to “just live with.” However, I just ask those four people that now have freedom in their shoulders if there is usually more to the story. The astonishing thing is none of the four asked much more than “how did you do that?” The answers I give and gave to them were basic and each excepted those answers without much more questioning. Again, the cycle continues. Maybe I expect people to be a little more curious about their bodies. Then again, maybe people that have found relief from years of restriction don’t really care about the “why”, but rather just that they do!  Ask questions, look for solutions.

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