Why are you here anyway??

  I wonder why some people even bother working out sometimes! Walk into any gym in the free world and you will see people busting their butt, training as hard as they can, and going full out. Right next to them however, you will see people not even breaking a sweat. Doing 40 reps of 2 pounds and carrying on a conversation while they are “working out!”…All smiles. Why bother? What makes this scenario worse is that people will pay a personal trainer to train them and the both of them will somehow devise and implement this same “training” strategy…meaning 30 to 60 min of extremely high rep, almost no intensity, no strategy training sessions. It’s a joke, it really is. But these people are willing to pay these trainers big money to “baby sit” and socialize with them for 60 min and never get anywhere. Worse yet, these trainers are more than willing to “steal” their money.  

I bite my tongue, but I want to ask these people “why are you here anyway?” I would get the same answers… “To get in shape!”, “To tone up!”, “To lose weight!” Doesn’t matter which answer they would give because my reply would be simple, “Its not gonna happen doing what you are doing!” However, I have learned over the many years of dealing with people that most people are not interested in hearing what you think; rather they just want justification of what they are already doing. There lies the real problem. There are trainers out there are willing to justify to their clients that by giving them what they want (i.e. easy, socializing training session) they will still reach their goals…because after all, this is supposed to be fun right? The most awful part of this is that most trainers know this is wrong, yet they are more than willing to take the money. (probably worse is that some  trainers DON’T know that what they are doing is wrong!)

Enough of the rant. If you are reading this, chances are you have an interest in your fitness and or health. Many of you workout enough to realize that you want and need to get something out of your session, or it becomes useless. Do your self a favor for now on when you are working out…Ask yourself WHY you are training? Come up with a good answer and remember that answer the next time you are at the gym and starting your routine. Get something out of your session. Don’t spend any extra time socializing once you start. Turn up the intensity and get something out of your time. No smiles, just sweat. If this doesn’t appeal to you and you are sitting there reading this saying “but I have friends at the gym and I have fun there, I’m not going to change that!”, then maybe you need to ask yourself a bigger question…”Why bother?” Seriously, you are probably not someone that is ever really going to reach their goals and you may get your daily range of motion workout in, but big time changes are not gonna happen unless you get serious and realize that training isn’t really going to be fun all of the time. Training isn’t always going to feel good all of the time. And finally, training isn’t about making friends and telling jokes. Save that for after you are done.  Training is about getting results. Oh, and if you have a personal trainer that allows you to joke around and get away with doing next to nothing, fire him or her immediately and hire that other trainer that makes his or her clients sweat, moan and groan the whole time, you know, the one you probably don’t like.  

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