Huge Special MLK Day 48 hour sale…

My good friend Jason Ferruggia is having a 48 hour sale on two of his most popular products in honor of Martin Luther King day. If you don’t know about Jay Ferruggia then you have been missing out on one of the best sports performance coaches in the world. Jay is a world renown sports performance coach and is a head writer for Men’s Fitness. His programs flat out produce results!

If you are interested in the “combat athlete game” (i.e. MMA, Wrestling, Boxing, judo, etc.) then you MUST pick up Jay’s newest book; Combat Conditioning Secrets which is normally $97. CCS has been drastically reduced to only $59.99 for this 48 hour period. You can pick it up here: Click HERE for more information or to order now

And don’t forget about Jay’s other book, How to get Jacked. How To Get Jacked is normally $49.99, and is now just $39.99 and comes with some new exciting bonuses from Craig Ballantyne, Alwyn Cosgrove and John Alvino. If you are looking to put on some serious muscle, you must own this book. Its outstanding. You can get that here: Click here for more information or to order your copy now

Remember this sale is for the next 48 hours only (actually less because the day is half over…) so don’t delay. Jason Ferruggia knows his stuff and I would trust him and his information over most out there.

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