Top 10 things you NEED to be doing in ’07

These are 10 things I think everyone out there should be doing this upcoming year. These are in no particular order. You have heard me mention some or all of these before, so think of this list as a reminder for you for your ’07 fitness goals.  

10. Supplementing with Fish Oil or Omega 3’s – Probably will go down as the Super Supplement. Do your research on these if you want or need more information. I wrote a blog about it earlier in the year. Check it out.

9. Soft Tissue work – At least every other day. I cannot start to talk about the importance of this for health. 90 percent of the problems I see in people or myself can be partially or totally solved with some soft tissue work. Things like foam rolling, massages, ART (Active Release Techniques) need to be done for optimal health.

 8. Eating more Green Stuff – Whether it is Veggies or a “Green Drink”, get some green in you at almost every meal. Spinach or peppers in your eggs, and green beans, peas, or any other green veggie during other meals are essential to good health. If you can stand veggies, buy a Green Powder product. Things like “Greens Plus” or like products are a good start.

7. Training or Exercising at least 3 times a week – Get a plan, develop a program and stick with it. It can be weight training, walking, jogging, etc.. Anything you like doing, just plan it and do it.

6. Mobility Work – 20 bucks says that most of you reading this have tight, and less than mobile hip joints. Get some mobility work done each day. You can do this through stretching, active mobility drills and through various movements. Almost ALL back problems are due to immobile hips. Fixing the hips will cure most back issues and at the very least, make you feel much better. Besides the hips, ankle mobility is a problem in most people as well. Work on getting your calves stretched out as well.

5. Stability work – Too many people have weak and unstable shoulders too. Work on strengthening them and stabilizing the joint as well. Add this to your program. There are various ways to strengthen the shoulder and stabilize that important joint.

4. READ – Yea, I know, this is a fitness blog so why am I telling you to read? Simple, reading is how you stay informed. You are reading this blog right? Keep reading and do as much research on your own as you can.
Reading is how you evaluate if guys like me are full of crap or not!! So, stop watching so much TV and read more.

3. Core Work – The Core is your most valuable asset for movement in anything you do. Whether you are playing sports or just living normal life, you need a strong and coordinated core. Work it. Oh, and do not fall into the trap thinking that because you do crunches your core is going to be strong. Crunches do not have a lot of real world application. If you really want to work your core, you need to lift heavy things while on one or two legs. Try doing some chin ups with weight between your legs…you will feel more “Core” work doing these types of movements than performing 100’s of crunches each day.

2. Find a teacher or coach – Hire, barter, ask nicely, do anything, but find someone with the proper expertise to point you in the right direction for all of your health and fitness needs. This goes back to reading more so you can be informed, but sometimes you need more than just reading, you need to find someone you can really trust. Could be your doctor, or a friend. If you do not know of someone that can help you, ask. There are plenty of people out there that can help you get where you need to go. Stop the guesswork this coming year.

1. Join a group or find a partner – Get involved with other people that share the same goals as you do. Go to a class, or find a workout partner. This is invaluable to your success. It is probably the number one thing I have done WRONG over the last 10 years. I never really had a training partner along the way that I was with consistently and it hurt my progress. Find someone for the ’07 year to help you and for you to help them.

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