What Time is it? Where are you?

As New Years Eve approaches, many will make resolutions. Many will make promises to themselves, their friends and even up to God him or herself.   New Years has become the “Reset Button” for people over the years. That time when people can start over or start fresh. “I will start my new training program after New Years”, or “Once New Years is over, I will lose the weight!”  

I hear these same lines and more of the same every single year, and every single June or July of that year, those SAME people are just as fat, just as out of condition, and just as miserable. You see, the “Reset Button” that New Years has become does not work and really never has.  With the risk of not getting too philosophical here, people need to stop living in the future and the past, and live in the here and now.  

My favorite book of all time is “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”,  written by Dan Millman. If you have not read it, I strongly suggest you get yourself a copy and read it soon.  I have read the book over 20 times and will continue to re-read it every year or so. Recently, it has been made into a motion picture and although I enjoyed the movie, the book is 100X better and packed with more inspiration and life changing passages. One part of the book that has always remained with me is where Socrates, the wise-old mentor of the book’s main character, Dan, asks Dan, “What time is it”, and “Where are you.” Dan confusingly answers the wrong way…stating the time on the watch and the place he is standing. Although Dan was technically correct, the real answer that Socrates was looking for was…“The time is Now and you are here.” Pretty deep right? Maybe not to some, but think about it and how this relates to your own resolutions and future commitments to change, especially in your own fitness.  If we keep looking towards a time in the future (i.e. New Years) to get going or to start our change, it will never happen, because there will always be something in the way and you will undoubtedly set a new time in the future to start. Next, it will be after your birthday or after Valentines. The excuses will go on and on, and there will always be something that “pops up.”  The Time is NOW.  

Adapt a new outlook on your life, and start living for now. Ask yourself a question or three….If you want to lose weight for example, are you not fat enough NOW? Do you really need to wait until New Years to be fat enough to get going? Will New Years be the right time for you to be fat enough to take action and start your plan? Maybe you want to buff up for the New Year. Are you not skinny or scrawny enough now? The point is that setting goals and starting dates for those goals is never a bad thing. Using New Years to do it is not necessarily bad either. What is bad is having the future mindset all of the time to the point where you never start in the first place.  The answer is simple: START NOW! Make your list of needs and wants for your body, finish reading this blog, get off of your ass and START NOW.  It is really that simple. Once you start, you will keep going. If you quit for some dumb reason…forget about it and start again. You do not need a special date, or a special place…just get started and start NOW! 

What time is it? The time is NOW! New Years is nothing special. The only magical thing that happens when the clock strikes 12 is that you will probably get kissed and hugged by countless drunk people of the opposite sex and in most cases, it ain’t so magical!!  Take action, do it NOW. Your reset button is here and now!

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