Christmas Gifts for yourself


If you have been shopping for Christmas gifts for the last month or so, you are either done by now, or if you are like me, you are just getting started. Either way, its time to settle down, and just enjoy the holiday. 

Before you finish totally, take some time to reflect on the last year, plan for next year, and give yourself some Christmas gifts too.  

Gift Number 1: A Fitness PLAN. Yes, I said PLAN not PROGRAM. Programs are not bad at all, but plans are something that last all year. Programs will be part of the plan itself. Figure out your goals, put them to paper, and develop a year long PLAN.  

Gift Number 2: Get yourself a coach. Find someone that is an expert in the fitness industry and utilize their “special powers” to help you fulfill your goals, build your programs, and finalize your plan for the whole year. Don’t try to do this yourself unless you are an expert. It always kills me when a banker, a construction worker, or school teacher, for example (insert any job title here) thinks that because they belong to a few internet message boards and read articles that they know enough to develop their own complex programs and see real success. Fitness is much more than lifting weights. You need to be able to put all of the variables together in a package that works throughout the entire year. I have studied this stuff for over 18 years and have been training myself and others for almost that same amount of time, and I am still learning. More so, if you are a performer of any kind (athlete) then you MUST have a coach and one that really understands what you need to be doing. If you don’t know anyone that you can trust to coach you, go out and buy a system. There are plenty of them on the internet. Scroll down and check out my 10 Days of Christmas Entry…It’s full of great products with great systems that you can follow all year long for great success.


Gift Number 3: Buy yourself some kind of Calendar/Planner system. Whether it is a paper planner or electronic planner does not matter. Get one. I use a PDA/Phone for everything. Before I had that, I had a paper planner. Why is this necessary? Besides the obvious importance of being organized, you will need to put your training sessions, eating regiments, and everything else related, in this book or planner each day to stay ahead and organized. If you want to fail for another year in your fitness goals (or any other for that matter), don’t get an organizer. However, if you want to succeed like never before, you need to plan those workouts ahead of time and stick to them. Make them as important as paying your bills.  

Gift Number 4: Get yourself some new friends!! Yea, I said it. New friends. Chances are that you are friends with people that sabotage your fitness success in some way or another. Think about it. Do you hang out with people that are helping you with your goals or trying to pull you away from them? I consult with a lot of people all of the time and more than ½ tell me that they have trouble succeeding at the gym, or in the diet side of things because their friends make it difficult to do so. This doesn’t mean you have to trash your relationships, but if your friends are not helping you be the best you can be, you might have to reevaluate who you hang with. If you are not ready to get new friends, then you must get more disciplined and stick to your guns at all times.  

Gift Number 5: Get yourself some motivation! Here are some things that will help: MP3 player – IPOD or any other kind (you can go old school and break out your cassette walk-man, but people like me will stare at you and really think you are weird, besides, can you still buy cassette tapes anymore?). Fill the player with all of your favorite inspiring music. Load it up and add to it everyday. Whether you thing is hard core Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, or the latest Pop Music, it doesn’t matter. Take that MP3 player with you when you work out. Music is good for the soul and will help you stay the course on those days you just can’t get going. A Journal: Track your progress and write down all of your goals in a journal. If you are a computer geek, use your computer to do this. Set up an online journal or use a word document and make a file. Workout Partner: Remember the part about getting new friends? Here is your chance. Find someone that can train with you and push you each day. Make sure this person is reliable, and disciplined. Also, find someone that has the same types of fitness goals as you. Good training partners are a huge key to prolonged success for any fitness program.  

Gift Number 6: Gym membership. If you don’t have a real good and reliable place to train, go join a gym. It will be worth every penny. Find a gym that suits your needs. There are plenty of them out there. If you are a hard core iron man, meaning you lift hard and heavy, find a place to train that fits that need. If you want to join classes, pump some iron and use the cross trainer each day, find a gym more suitable for that. Either way, look around, price them out and join. Most gyms have Christmas and New Years specials, so take advantage of them now.  

Make your move now. Don’t wait until January 1st to make your start for the new year. Get a head start and get moving. Do something for yourself. These gifts will continue to give back all year long!

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