The “10” Days of Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus


With the Holiday season right around the corner, most people will be scrambling to find that perfect gift. Whether it is for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or even if you celebrate Festivus, finding gifts for health conscious, fit person is never easy.

I am about to make your shopping even easier for you. I have outlined 10 potential gifts that any fitness enthusiast MUST have. I am not saying that you need to buy all 10, but if you are looking for great quality products, that people on your list would love, this is a can’t miss list. Oh, and by the way, don’t think it is ever bad to buy yourself something too. So if you or someone you know is into health and fitness, and really wants to feel and look good, or if they are looking to improve their athletic performance, prevent injuries and beat personal records in the weight room or gym, try these gifts.

I would never endorse any product unless I have bought, tried it myself and thought it was excellent. There are 100’s of information products on the net, and these in my professional opinion are the very best. So without any further delay, here are the top 10 Holiday gifts that every fitness, health, athletic person should own:

 No particular order of greatness:

1. Precision Nutrition– This product, or any by Dr. John Berardi is excellent. I bought PN over a year ago and it changed the way I ate and because of it, I have dropped a pant size, gotten stronger and more muscular and actually eat more. No lie. This product is worth every penny and more to anyone that is looking to change their diet for the better, lose weight, have tons of energy and increase their performance. Its not a diet, its a plan for eating. Pick this one up for sure!!

2. Combat Conditioning Secrets– If you or anyone in your family is into combat sports (includes wrestling, boxing, martial arts) this book is essential for you to take your sport to the next level. Jason Ferruggia is the best out there when it comes to training combat athletes. This book is packed with everything you would want or need to be the best in your combat sport. There are even bonus chapters added into the book that address nutrition, prevention of injuries, and much more.

Click HERE for more information or to order now

3. Inside out– Yet another EXCELLENT resource for active people and athletes. This DVD and manual will help you develop a proper upper body warm up and at the same time actually assist you in correcting current shoulder problems, get rid of some chronic pain, and help prevent shoulder problems from occuring. This is another must!

Click HERE for more information or to order now

4. Magnificent Mobility– This DVD totally changed the way I warm up, prepare and take care of my body on a daily basis. If you have low back pain, stiffness, or just don’t move as well as you once did, this DVD is a must. If you are an athlete, a coach or a trainer, you NEED this DVD. Its one of the best things out there right now. Pick this up today!! 

Click HERE for more information or to order now

5. How to get Jacked – Do you know someone that is a hard gainer? Maybe you know someone that just can’t get any bigger no matter how much they lift or train? Maybe it’s you that can’t gain that muscle weight that all of your other friends seem to be able to gain with no problem. Do you know someone that has been lifting and training for years and they are still no bigger? This book will change the way you train forever. Do you want to gain massive size without drugs? Maybe you want to finally break through that barrier of size that has been alluding your for years? This book is your answer. You want to get big and be big, get this book and start seeing results.

 Click here for more information or to order your copy now

6. Turbulence Training – Turbulence Training is a system you can not afford to miss out on especially if your goal is to be forever lean, stronger, in the shortest time possible. This system allows those with time constraints to get full, whole body work outs that deliver results all year round without bounding you to a gym all day. Short workouts, guaranteed results, year round systems…..if you are serious about positive change and a proven system that works, check out T.T. now!

Click here for more information or to order now

7. AfterBurn – The ULTIMATE fat burning program on the market today. Afterburn is a total program that will have you burning fat, putting on lean muscle and taking your fitness to a new level. This is one of the best selling books on the market today for a very good reason. Don’t miss out on this one.

Click HERE for more information or to order your copy now

8. Perform Better  – The ultimate store for all of your fitness needs. Need a foam roller? How about a few medicine balls? Anything fitness or performance related can be found at this site. I get all of my training products here. Its a great resource and a great online store for anything in fitness that you might need.

Click HERE for more information

9. Shape Shift – For the female on your list that wants to take her body to the next level. This is a total program for women that will change their body into a lean, strong, athletic look and have them looking better than they could have ever imagined. I have used this program on female clients and was amazed at the results.

Click HERE for more information or to order your copy now

 10. Gourmet Nutrition – This is an excellent E-Book that you can download instantly or a manual that you can order and have at your disposal. This book contains recipes, cooking tips, and strategies for a winning body. Gourmet Nutrition teaches you how to make healthy and performance enhancing meals, deserts, and snacks. This is a great addition to Precision Nutrition. If you are looking for great meals that will help you with the body you dream about, get this recipe and cook book now.
Click HERE for more information or to order now

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