Training Tip # 1 – Designing your program

Are you someone that writes his or her own training programs?  If so, great, but more important, make sure you know what you doing and you are not just spinning your wheels. When you are writing your programs, what is the first thing that you put down on paper?Chances are, if you are a guy reading this, you think of and write down “Bench Press” as your first exercise, on the first day. If this is you, try something new. Forget about the bench press for a while. It is not a bad exercise and I am not bashing it, but try starting your programming off with an exercise that will give you more bang for your buck. Try putting squats (any variation of) or dead lifts as your first exercise on the first day. Work around that and go from there. Don’t even think about benching for a while. Instead, use dips, feet elevated push ups with different arm positions as other options for chest exercises.

If you have been doing the same types of exercises for more than 4 weeks in a row, change them up. Do totally different exercises for your next cycle. Shake things up all around. Here are some variations you can play with that will give you much better workouts with much better results:

Replace Bench Press with Push Up variations, or use incline dumb bells

Replace Biceps Curls with Chin ups (palms facing you)

Replace Triceps push downs with dips

Replace Leg Curls and Extensions with Squats, lunges and dead lifts

Replace Lat Pull Downs with Pull Ups (Palms facing away)

Replace 30 min of slow cardio in the treadmill with 12 min of HIIT training on the stationary bike

Try some or all of these suggestions when designing your next training program.

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