Get ready for Summer (NOW)


New Years is right around the corner and that means that people will be making all kinds of resolutions. Most will not follow through with them for various reasons. Either way what most people don’t realize is that if you are trying to get your body ready for the beach this summer, you need to get started NOW!! It takes months to transform your body the way you want it to look. So, don’t wait until March to get going. Start your transformation now and stop wasting time thinking about it.  

Three things that you can do now to get started: 

  1. Find someone that can customize a detailed program for you to follow over the next six months. Make sure this person has expertise in personal training and physical transformation or enhancement. Certified and EXPERIENCED personal trainers and strength coaches are your best bet.
  2. Locate a place that you can access daily at almost anytime during the day. Don’t forget to factor in weekends. Some weekend days will be needed to be options for you and your busy lifestyles. Commercial gyms are a great place to start, or even personal training studios. For those stay at home people, you can find plenty of people that will do in-home training as well and deliver outstanding results. The last option and still a good one is to hire someone to do over the internet “distance training.” You have to be extremely disciplined, but if you are, this may be a great option for those that don’t have the means to join a gym.
  3. Get a notebook or a computer and write down all of your physical transformation goals. Don’t forget to add how you would like to FEEL as well. If you have pain, or stiffness, and you would like to feel normal or awesome like you once did, add that in. What would you like to look like? What do you want your pants size to be? What type of bathing suit do you want to fit into? How big do your want your guns to be at the beach this year? Don’t forget any detail. Once you have written them down, put them in a place you can see them everyday.


Now you are ready. You have your goals; you have contacted an expert to get you going, and a place to do all of this. So what are you waiting for? Get started. You don’t have to wait until the New Year. Use these last few weeks of the year to locate your expert, pin point you training grounds and formulate your goals for the summer.  

See you on the beach!!!

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