Hot Wings and Beer………


The title of this post was not only an attention getter, but also a lesson for those of you that are living the healthy lifestyle. I did not mention UNHEALTHY lifestyle; rather I said the healthy lifestyle. I make that distinction because I witnessed a client of mine last night learning all about how a night of hot wings and beer could destroy a once near perfect functioning body.


When my client walked in the door, I knew something was up. He did not look right, did not walk right and just did not seem like himself. With in 5 minutes I was able to find out what his “dis-ease” was. Four to five hours at Hooters with plenty of hot, greasy wings and non-stop pitchers of cheap beer was his ailment. Yep, every man’s dream, right? I am not making judgments on Hooters, Wings or Beer, rather pointing out how quickly someone that is riding on the road of health and fitness can feel like absolute crap in the matter of hours and how this feeling can last a matter of days.


For those that partake in this kind of eating and drinking frequently, this does not apply to you in the same sense. Your system is used to feeling like crap, so much so you do not even know you feel that way. I hear all of the time from people that have changed their eating habits and exercise more how great they feel and how they never realized just how badly they felt before they did this.


I am glad that my client went through this. I think every reformed junk food eater and beer drinker needs to do this occasionally to remind him or herself just how good it feels to be healthy.


I will see my client again tomorrow, and chances are he will be back to normal. It’s a lesson and a good one to be had and one that I and many others learned almost every single weekend during college………

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