Thanksgiving – 5 Things you should be thankful for


If you are reading this blog on a regular basis, you are either one of two people:

You are someone who works out at least occasionally and thinks about his or her health, or you know me and just think it is cool that someone like me has a blog.

In either case, here is a list of 5 things you should be thankful for:

1. A functioning body – Even if you have dysfunction or a disability, be thankful for the ability to move and do things. If you exercise a few times a week, be thankful that you can. There are people out there that cannot get out of bed, or cannot move at all that would LOVE to be in your position. Therefore, the next time you are complaining about your tough workout or, you decide to skip the gym, think about those people that would give anything to be able to get a training session completed, just once.



2. Good Food – If you have the means to choose what you eat each day, be thankful. Not to sound like your mother or father, but there are starving people out there that do not have a choice of what they eat or when they eat. Most of us do. We complain that we do not have out favorite cheese around, or we get mad if we run out of our favorite protein bars. These things are great but they are luxuries. Be thankful that you CAN choose and further, since you can make that choice, choose wisely.



3. Training is a choice not a chore – Be thankful that when you workout or train it is your choice and an addition to your normal routine. There are people in the world that do way more “training” then any of us will ever do and it is called LABOR. These people work in fields, roadways, or even farms. They maintain much of what we enjoy everyday. They get a workout each day because they must. Some don’t even get paid for their labor. Again, be thankful that you have that choice and do not take it for granted.



4. Social Support – Most of us are lucky enough to have some social support, meaning we have people in out lives that help us out and help us reach our fitness goals. This can be your trainer, coach, parent, significant other, or even your pet. It can be people you meet on the internet that help you with your goals, or some long distance friends that you call on the phone occasionally. A person or groups of people that show us support are all part of your social support team more than you know. I am not just talking about “rah rah” motivational speeches either. People that might finance you, or give you space and freedom to do what you need to do, or just be there to listen, are part of that team. Thank these people. They are more important to your progress than you know.



5. Your family – Either by blood or by association, your family is important to everything you do in life. I have a few families and I am thankful for every one of them. You may have your real bloodline family, a work family, close friends, and even your training family. These are the people that you are close to and that you can depend on for almost anything. Not everyone out there has a good family and some certainly do not have more than one. If you do have a family (any will do), be thankful for them, because they give you much more than just support, they help you be who you are and there is nothing more important than that.



So tomorrow when you sit down to gorge yourself and you temporarily forget about your training goals, nutrition, and how well your clothes fit, do not forget to be thankful for those things and so much more. This list could go on forever, and I am sure you can add your own list. Be grateful and thankful for all that you have.



By the way, if you are one of the nuts that goes shopping on Friday, you will probably get a decent workout just from all of the shopping, but if you aren’t one of those people, get back to the gym, holiday is over!

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