Training for Life Revisited

A while back, I wrote a little article about the importance of training for life. If you are too lazy to scroll back, here is the link to it.

The purpose of revisiting the topic is simple and it really hit home to me this weekend. Not to bore you with the details, but I had to fly back to Tucson Arizona to finish some projects in my back yard and prep my house for selling. It has been on the market for months and I needed to get some major yard work done. I decided to save some money in labor, fly out, and do it myself. It was also a great excuse to see old friends again.

While in Tucson, I spent three days connecting a retaining wall, weeding, trimming trees, raking, shoveling, and loading bags of debris onto a truck. The blocks for the wall were each about 50 pounds each and very difficult to handle. I worked seven hours on the first day, six hours on day two and about two or three hours on the third day. The trip was a success. I got all of the work done and some. The house and yard looks beautiful. (In case you are wondering what the point of this article, be patient, I am getting to it…)

Normally lifting 50 pound blocks at weird angles numerous times throughout a two or three-day span would be enough to cause some major low back pain, shoulder stiffness and a host of other physical problems. In fact, three years ago when I put the bulk of that same wall up, I was stiff and hurting for days after. However, this time, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that not only did my back feel great, but the rest of my body was pain free as well. Actually, I did not feel any different from any other day (except for the sunburn I got for not wearing sunscreen).

How could this be? I beat myself up in that yard. I lifted heavy blocks, twisted, pulled, pushed, pressed, shoveled, squatted, and numerous combinations of all of those actions as well. However, I wasn’t in pain, I wasn’t even sore.

Well if you haven’t figured it out, all of those motions are things I do three or four times a week when I train. I lift HEAVY things! I squat, press, pull, push, and twist with HEAVY weights. No wonder I wasn’t injured and no wonder why I was able to handle that work and even finish it with time to spare. People ask me why I still train as I do at my age, even though I have no reason left to train. Funny, as long as I am living, I have much to train for. I have life to train for and this past weekend was a prime example of that.

In the past, I didn’t train for life. Just a few short years ago, I trained only to look good. I trained only to feel good. Now I train for life and in the process I feel great and I don’t know if I look any better or not, but I know I looked damn good when I finished that wall and yard work last week.

So again, the next time you are trying to figure out a good reason workout or train, remember this: Life happens everyday and as long as it does, you need to be ready for it!!

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