The Opposite

“Yeah. No, no, no, wait a minute, I always have tuna on toast. Nothing’s ever worked out for me with tuna on toast. I want the complete opposite of on toast. Chicken salad, on rye, untoasted … and a cup of tea.” – George, From Seinfield Episode “The Opposite”

There must be something in the air. Just in the last few days, it seems like all of my clients have walked into their session letting me know how tired they were before we even get started. I think it was some kind of a warning to me that the session might not be so great.

I usually just shrug, crack an assuring smile and say everything will be ok. I also kind of let them know that we will adapt so they can get through the workout. In reality, what usually happens is that I work them harder in a different kind of way, and push them more. See I really DO believe that I know what is best for my clients and the people I work with. I think any good coach or trainer has to.

It is on days like that, that you can make the most progress. I still remember a quote that my wrestling coach told us in high school …”If you only work or train on the days that you feel good, you will never get anything done in life”. That has always stuck with me and I believe it 100%. You will get more out of those workouts on the days you feel like crap and you feel tired and unmotivated.

Funny thing happens with most of the people that walk in not feeling so hot…most walk out feeling a whole lot better.

The next time your energy is down, and you feel tired and don’t feel like working out, do the opposite…get a work out in. You will feel better than you could ever think.

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