Does this HIIT stuff really work??

I get asked a lot if HIIT Really works.

Well thousands (the number is probably a lot higher) of fat people can’t be wrong!!

The next time you go to your gym, observe the amount of “over-weight” people that are doing long-slow-cardio everyday. Just glance, take note of who they are, and I bet you will see them again….and again…. and again…. Chances are they will lose some weight in a few months. 5-10 pounds in 3 months time is awesome!! (insert sarcasm)

The truth of it is these people might see some weight loss just because they are moving for the first time in a long time and maybe watching what they eat. But they won’t see any long term results, and more than this…their results will be SLOW. Some will suffer from shin splints and other over use injuries because of the excessive mileage they are putting on that tread mill. Others will get bored and quit.

If you want results that are long lasting and more-so “fast”, HIIT is the answer. I have seen in over and over again.

HIIT is tough, I am not going to lie to you about that. That is why you probably won’t be seeing many people doing it in your gym. However, being fat is even tougher in this life. You make the choice!

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