“He’s the Greatest of the Great, Get it straight, He’s Great”


Tiger Woods is Great at golf, and maybe one of the greatest. Time will tell.

Michael Jordan was Great at basketball, and could be the greatest of all time.  

This article is not about arguing the greatness of Tiger or MJ …rather its about the WHY of their greatest and a simple lesson and reminder of how they got there.

Are they both blessed with incredible athleticism? Yes. But so is everyone on the PGA and in the NBA.

What made these two, among others (Insert your favorite “great” pro athlete here………) great? Simple… They worked their asses off to get there.

Tiger woods lifts weights. Tiger woods has a conditioning program. Tiger Woods takes care of his imbalances and has therapy sessons when something isn’t “right”.

MJ did the same and countless others follow the same course of action.

Hard work, Hard training, fixing things when they need fixing, and dedication to being the best is what makes you great at what you do.

So, the next time your golf game isn’t going so great, or you can nail that jump shot, or your progress in the gym is lacking…ask yourself if you are doing what it takes to be great. Ask yourself if you are working your ass off. Ask yourself if you are training hard enough or the right way.

Until you commit to becoming great and commit to doing what it takes to be great, please don’t complain to anyone about your game or situation.

Oh, if you really don’t want to be “Great”, that is cool to.

For the rest of us, greatness isn’t “given” to you, rather it is worked for and earned.

Go be great.

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