Think about it…




Health and fitness isn’t just a THING you do, rather it is your lifestyle. You are either act healthy and fit or you don’t. Too many people start a workout program like there will be an end. Same with diets… In my opinion, this is the wrong way to think about health and fitness. It is a never ending lifestyle change. It needs to be thought of in a way of it being part of who you are and  part of what you do, always.

People that are successful in health and fitness are people that practice it all of the time. The people who usually fail at health and fitness are the people that try to incorporate it into their lives at moments, here and there…always looking for the end and struggling while they wait for it to be over.

Goals are necessary, but for people that always practice being healthy and fit in life, each time a goal is accomplished, another is set. Its a way of life.

Think about it.

One Response to Think about it…

  1. Nina says:

    Thanks! That is something I have struggled with.

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