5 Things that Rule!!!

  1. Natural Peanut butter rules! If someone could keep the oil mixed into the butter, it would rule more. But it does rule. Full of GOOD, essential fat, high protein and no sugar. Add a little honey and you have a great snack.
  2. Grilled Peppers rule! Slice some bell peppers up, put them in a pan with olive oil and pick your seasoning. Heat over a flame until they start to soften. One of my favorite foods.
  3. High School Friday Night Football rules! – This will be the first year in 15 years that I will not be a working fixture on the sidelines at a high school football game, but you can bet that I will probably catch one every Friday night this Fall. There is nothing like a good Friday night high school football game!
  4. The first 15 minutes after an intense, strenuous workout rules! –  It’s a feeling of accomplishment, and hard work, but mostly it’s your natural endorphins pumping through your body, while your heart rate starts to calm down. Its drug like and one of the best feelings you can have.
  5. Stevia Natural Sweetener rules! – An extremely sweet, non-caloric herb found in the holistic section of some grocery stores. Can always be found at health food grocery stores though. This stuff is great, and no chemicals like other sweeteners. Check it out and give it a try for yourself. I use this stuff a lot. http://www.stevia.net/

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